Amerikan Body Art Build Your Own Glitter Creme Kit (Pick 3 Colors)

Pick any three or more colors in this set at a 10% discount than buying the colors individually! Discount will be applied to price shown below once the product is added to the bundle. Once you have added the bundle to cart, you can always click on the bundle in the cart, to edit it and change. You can buy individual colors of Glitter Creme here.

Amerikan Body Art Glitter Creme is a unique innovative blend of cosmetic polyester glitter in creamy base, with the same consistency as eyeshadow. Glitter Creme is a versatile creamy glitter that can be used to sparkle up your face, body or hair in a variety of glamorous ways.

Each jar is a unique blend of light green and gold glitters, perfect for sparkling up face and body designs for holidays.

Glitter Creme can be easily applied over completed face paint designs without smearing them. Glitter Creme with its waxy consistency similar to that of a lip balm will stick without requiring additional glue and can be used stand alone for glittery accents.

Amerikan Body Art Glitter Creme provides a durable coverage but is not water proof or smudge proof. Each jar comes in 7 gm size.