Amerikan Body Art Build Your Own Chunky Glitter Kit (Pick 3+ Colors)

Pick any three or more colors in this set at a 10% discount than buying the colors individually! Discount will be applied to price shown below once the product is added to the bundle. Once you have added the bundle to cart, you can always click on the bundle in the cart, to edit it and change.

Amerikan Body Art Chunky Glitter is a large-cut, purple glitter. Amerikan Body Art Chunky Glitter contains larger sized glitter particles made using the same high quality, cosmetic grade, polyester material as the fine cosmetic glitter products. Amerikan Body Art Grape Soda Chunky glitter contains .094 hex sized particles. 

Chunky glitter is great for Special FX makeup, creation of glitter roots, sparkling body art, scrapbooking and more. Grape Soda being solvent resistant, can be used for making nail polish. Kit has 3 colors of your choice. Each color comes in a 1 ounce jar.