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Face Paint

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Face Paint (Regular Line)
Kryvaline Face Paints are intensely pigmented, wax based makeup that blend in easily and stay on comfortably. Kryvaline is a preferred brand for face and body art, theatre as well as special FX applications. The brand is safe to use on sensitive skin and is ideal for use on children and adults alike.

Available in essential, metallic or neon colors. Metallic colors are great to add shiny accents to your makeup. Neon colors are bright under normal light and pop really well under blacklight. They are a great choice for parties, events and bowling alleys where UV/Neon lights are trendy these days.

Shelf Life: Recommended within 18 months after opening.
Creamy Line Face Paint Creamy Line Face Paint

Kryvaline Creamy Line Face Paints are specially formulated using acacia senegal gum base, to blend in more smoothly than regular face paints. They are rich in color and gives great coverage. Creamy Line gives a durable finish that is resistant to smearing. Easy to wash off.


How does this look?


Kryvaline Palettes are an assortment of colors perfect for a variety of face painting needs. Available in essential, metallic or mix of metallic and neon colors, in 12 color or 9 color choices.

Kryvaline Palettes are easy to carry and easy to access for face painters, especially when they are on the go. Perfect for festivals & fairs.

Split Cakes Split Cakes (Regular Line)

Kryvaline Split Cakes contain several colors of intensely pigment face paint arranged next to each other. Split Cakes are perfect for quick and easy creation of colorful designs within minutes.

Available in several sizes such as 30 gm or 50 gm. Kryvaline also offers split cake palettes that contain an assortment of popular 30 gm and 50 gm palettes.

Creamy Line Split Cakes Split Cakes (Creamy Line)

Kryvaline Creamy Line Split Cakes contain several colors of creamy line face paints arranged next to each other. Creamy Line Split Cakes are perfect for quick and easy creation of colorful designs within minutes. Creamy Line Face Paints blend in to provide a smooth, durable finish. Available in 40 gm size. 

Kryvaline Brushes & Sponges Brushes & Sponges

Kryvaline Sponges are precision-cut to facilitate smooth application and blending of face paints on skin. They are easy to clean and reuse many times. Kryvaline offers a range  of comfortable grip brushes with face painters' comfort in mind.

Safety Info

Made with ingredients compliant with the US FDA and EU regulations, Kryvaline is safe to use on children and adults alike. Kryvaline's glycerin and paraffin wax based formulation is hypoallergenic - free of fragrance, sulphates or other harmful drying agents, making it a great choice for sensitive skin. Kryvaline is not tested on animals and is certified as vegan.

Kryvaline's Creamy Line is a special line of face paints, made with pigments that are approved by both EU and FDA regulations. They are hypo allergenic and non staining.

Do not use near children under 3 years due to choking hazard. A patch test is recommended before first use. Discontinue use if rashes develop within 60 minutes.

Please Note: The US FDA recommends against using red, yellow, orange or purple facepaints near the eyes and or using blue, green or purple facepaints near the lips to avoid possible staining issues. On Neon Face Paints, avoid using around eyes and mouth.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

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Application & Removal Tips

Face Paint

Face Paint
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How Do I Apply

Recommended: Always start with a clean dry face before face painting. 

Step 1: Moisten applicator with a small amount of water. Rub the wet applicator on top of the face paint until a creamy consistency is created. It is better to have too little water than too much, as more water can be added.

Step 2: Apply face paint to the face with the applicator with consistent even strokes. Allow the base color to dry for at least 5 minutes before starting your line work.

How Do I Remove
To remove from skin: Wash with soap and water. Work into face painted area for 15 to 20 seconds to loosen face paint makeup from the skin. Some traces of color may remain for a short period after washing.

To remove from fabric: Avoid contact with fabric, carpet, and upholstery. In case of accidental contact, spot treat with baby shampoo, liquid dish soap or OxyClean-like product and help loosen the face paint makeup with a toothbrush. Do NOT add water until the soap had loosened the face paint makeup. Once the makeup is thoroughly loosened, add a small amount of warm water. Blot or wet vacuum the area. Repeat this process as necessary.

To store your face paint: recommends you use the product within eighteen months once you have opened the container. Older facepaint can start to dry out and be less effective. Store the face paint covered in a clean, dry, dust free area out of direct sun light.

Split CakesSplit Cakes
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How Do I Apply 30 gram:
Apply using a 3/4" or 1" flat brush. 

Remove with soap and water.

How Do I Apply 50 gram:
Apply using a sponge or a big brush. 

Tip: Spray water on cake to moisten it. Works well with less amount of water. Drag brush or sponge back and forth on the cake to pick up different colors. Apply to skin in one direction.

Remove with soap and water.

Kryvaline Brushes & SpongesBrushes
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Caring for brushes:

When you are finished face painting, rinse your face painting brushes well in warm to hot water until you don't see any face paint. Dry the face painting brushes with a clean paper towel, wiping from the brush handle to the brush head then reshape the brush head with your fingers. 


Let the Ben Nye Makeup Brushes dry completely before you pack them away. When using soap to clean your face painting brushes, use a baby shampoo or gentle soap that is safe on young eyes. When storing your face painting brushes in a kit, store the brushes with bristles up.


Learn more about Kryvaline

Kryvaline face paints are renowned for their exceptional quality, vibrant colors, and creamy texture, making them a top choice for face painters and special effects artists. FDA and EU compliant and perfume and sulfate-free, suitable for sensitive skin. Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts, Kryvaline elevates artistry to new heights. Kryvaline is imported to Canada and relabeled according to Canadian labeling act.