Contact Lens FAQs

***Disclaimer*** strongly urges you to strictly follow instructions from your medical professional on safe handling and use of lenses. is not responsible for any damage or loss due to improper ordering, handling or use of contact lenses. We urge you to completely review the following guidelines set forth by the brand of lens we sell, as well as all the guidelines that comes in the product packaging.

Loox Contact Lenses are FDA cleared and certified as class II medical device in Canada. Loox Lenses are made with cosmetic grade ingredients and dermatologically tested. They are safe for use on adults, subject to following ordering requirements set forth by FDA and FTC. Lenses come packaged in tamper proof sterile glass vials to ensure that products stay sterile and undamaged.
1) Prescription Information
The FDA and the FTC have very stringent guidelines to ensure proper ordering and maintenance of paper work for sale of contact lenses. We have a process here to help you with this. While checking out, we require you to provide us the mandatory details - Doctor's Name, Address, Phone Number and Fax Number along with Patient's Date Of Birth.

2) Verification Process
Contact Lens order is sent for verification from the healthcare professional contact that you provide us, using our back-end processes. If we do not receive any response within a prescribed time window, the order is considered valid and we move on to ship the product out to you. We have a 24 hour lag time on any order that includes a contact lens, due to this verification process.
View vendor's instruction sheet
Hands must be properly washed and completely dried to ensure utmost hygiene during handling of contact lenses. To prevent dryness in eyes, make sure that your cosmetic lenses are soaked in lens solution for at least 2 hours before use. Its a good idea to follow an order of always putting in one side first and the other for all applications. The following instructions are for the right eye first.

Ensure that you have followed the preparatory guidelines above before application. By placing the lens on your index finger, inspect and make sure that the lens is clean and free of any debris. This is important as it can otherwise cause discomfort in your eyes when the lens is on. Pick up the lens using your right hand index finger, ensuring that the lens position is correct and not inside out - is should have a natural bowl shape. Open your upper lid up with your left hand’s index and middle finger and hold your lower lid open with right hand middle finger. Look into a straight mirror and gently place the lens inside your eye. Release your eyelids and blink. Gently massage your eyelid to correctly center the lens. Once you are comfortable, proceed to the other eye.

Make sure your hands are washed and dried. Look upwards and hold down the lower lid with the middle finger of your right hand. Placing your index finger and thumb of the same hand on opposite sides of the lens, slowly slide it down to the white of your eye. Gently pinch the lens from your eye, taking care not to pinch too hard. Repeat for the other eye

Please note that these cosmetic lenses are for cosmetic color change of normal, healthy eyes only and does not affect vision in any matter. If you suffer from any vision disorders or issues, you must consult your medical professional.

DO NOT wear if your cosmetic lenses appear to be damaged.
DO NOT share your cosmetic lenses with anyone else.
DO NOT let hairspray or any other cosmetic aerosols come into contact with your cosmetic lenses.
DO NOT participate in any water sports whilst wearing.
DO NOT wear your cosmetic lenses when using eye medication.
DO NOT use tap water, saliva or any household cleaning agents to clean or wet your cosmetic lenses or storage case.
ALWAYS remove your cosmetic lenses before you go to bed.
ALWAYS put your cosmetic lenses in before applying any make-up.
ALWAYS take out cosmetic lenses before removing any make-up.
ALWAYS replace your cosmetic lenses if your eyes get red or irritated or if you have any discomfort or pain, and seek help from a qualified eye care practitioner.
Due to the safety and hygiene requirements associated with contact lenses, we do not accept returns or exchanges on them.
If unopened in the package, the lenses are good for up to 5 years. Once opened, they can used for up to 90 days, as long as the usage and handling guidelines are properly followed.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you.