GTX Face Paints Neon

Introducing the GTX Face Paint Collection – where quality and creativity converge. Crafted in Georgetown, Texas, our products meet strict standards set by regulatory bodies worldwide, ensuring professional-grade results wherever your art takes you. With a wide range of neon colors, GTX offers versatility and vibrancy for every artistic vision. Plus, our large cake sizes make customization easy, thanks to angular boxes and specialized tools. Say goodbye to the hassle of cutting round cakes – with GTX, unleash your creativity effortlessly.

Experience the freedom to create without limits with GTX Face Paint. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your artistic journey, our collection empowers you to innovate and elevate your artistry like never before. Join the global community of artists who trust GTX for quality, compliance, and endless possibilities in face painting.


GTX Facepaint - Neon Tangelo (60 gm) $14.99
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GTX Facepaint - Neon Moon (60 gm) $14.99
GTX Facepaint - Neon Budgie (60 gm) $14.99
GTX Facepaint - Neon Patsy (60 gm) $14.99
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GTX Facepaint - Neon Dolly (60 gm) $14.99
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GTX Facepaint - Neon Crawdad (60 gm) $14.99
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GTX Facepaint - Neon Robin (60 gm) $14.99
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GTX Facepaint - Watermelon Crawl - Neon Pink (120 gm) $20.99
GTX Facepaint - Watermelon Crawl (60 gm) $14.99