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Topaz face painting Stencils cater to the creativity of face and body painters with a diverse range of shapes and sizes tailored for various occasions. Whether it's the festive spirit, the essence of different seasons, the vibrancy of festivals, or the joy of birthday parties, these stencils offer intricate designs that instantly elevate face painting projects. Designed in the USA with precision, Topaz Stencils are crafted from 7mil Mylar, ensuring flexibility and ease of use with a sponge, kabuki brush, or airbrush. Their perfect sizing, at 3"x5", makes them ideal for embellishing cheeks, foreheads, and arms alike, allowing for effortless application whether stamping or airbrushing. Loved by both kids and adults, these stencils add a touch of magic to any face painting venture.

The enchanting Rose Crown Unicorn stencil features the iconic unicorn, a symbol of magic and wonder, adorned with additional elements such as a regal crown and delicate roses, offering artists the opportunity to infuse their creations with an extra dose of charm and sophistication. Whether crafting whimsical designs for children's parties or adding an ethereal touch to adult-themed events, the Rose Crown Unicorn stencil embodies the essence of fantasy and elegance, inviting painters to unleash their creativity and bring enchanting visions to life on the canvas of faces and bodies alike.
How Do I Apply?
Topaz Stencils can be used to paint over a face paint base or over bare skin. Hold the stencil firmly on skin and apply face paint either by using a sponge, dauber or airbrush. If you are using a sponge, make sure that it is slightly damp. Hold the stencil firmly against the skin and pat your sponge gently to evade paint from going under the stencil. Design elements can also be made by dabbing powder makeup over the stencil design. Mix and match different elements in the stencils to create beautiful unique accents.

How Do I Clean And Store Topaz Stencils?
Topaz Stencils can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth, baby wipe or a paper towel. Always wipe and dry the back of your stencil between uses so that you have a clean surface before using it next time.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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Sally Baban

Too small and poor I throw in the garbage