Kraze FX Angle Brush (3/4")


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Kraze FX Angle Brushes are sleek and durable face painting brushes, great to paint one stroke roses, petals, leaves, butterflies and flower designs. These angle brushes with bristles cut at an angle are specially designed by face painters for face painters. Kraze Angle Brushes works great for adding lines of varying thickness, curves, stripes and outlining one stroke designs with better control. Kraze FX brushes are made with superior bristles that will pick up, hold and apply face paint evenly. Brushes are sturdy, designed for repeated use.
Kraze FX Angle brush bristles are approximately 3/4 inch wide at the ferrule.

Brush handles are made of birch and coated with environment friendly, water based paint. Kraze brushes have copper ferrules, electroplated first with nickel and then with chrome & bristles made of PBT, which makes it soft, durable and less water absorbent.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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Danyle's Designs aka Danyle Verzinskie
Kraze FX 3/4" Angle Brush Review

I was excited to get this brush and try it out. It did not disappoint me- works very well and i love the short bristles that seems to make it more firm. the short length also appears to be a paint saver from my perspective, because you are using most of the paint you are loading instead of washing away the paint closer to the bale. Nice brush at a good price!