Pokémon "Charizard" Face Paint Video by Linnéa Önnerby Novak


I love to paint boy designs so as soon as I heard about the Pokémon theme I wanted to paint the cool Pokémon dragon Charizard! 

The Pokémon dragon Charizard is the final evolution of Charmander. This orange draconic Pokémon are known for its tip of its long, tapering tail that burns with a sizable flame.

The fire on Charizard's tail will change to a bluish-white color if it is furious. Given its dragon-like appearance, it is logical that Charizard is capable of learning many dragon-type moves, such as Dragon-Breath, Dragon Pulse, etc. However, it becomes a true Dragon-type as Mega Charizard.

Charizard´s are noble and will not turn the full power of their flame on opponents significantly weaker than they are. Charizards are also known to be very eager to battle. Charizard seeks out stronger foes and only breathes fire during battles with worthy opponents. The fiery breath is so hot that it can turn any material to slag. They can be very dangerous and aggressive if provoked. But like Charmander and Charmeleon, it is friendly and affectionate with its trainer.

You can see Charizard in the new Pokémon movie "Detective Pikachu".


Products used:

Superstar "Ivory" (sub. TAG Beige)

Superstar "Light Orange"

Superstar "Yellow Shimmer"

Superstar "Peacock Shimmer"

Superstar "Golden Green Shimmer"

Diamond FX "White"

Diamond FX "Black"

Diamond FX "Inferno" (sub. Global "Mexico")

Tools used:

Loew Cornell 795 Round #4, #3

Royal Filbert Brush 10 SG 170 (sub. Kryvaline Filbert)

Finger Dauber Sponge

BAM Stencil for scales (sub. BAM 1005)

BAM Stencil 1019 for Flames


Pokémon "Charizard" Face Paint by Linnéa Önnerby Novak

Linnéa lives in the south part of Sweden with her husband and two children.
Linnéa has a small facepainting company in Sweden called Linnéas Ansiktsmålning.
She started to facepaint in 2016, and she is now a certified facepainter from Olga Murasev´s International Face Painting School.
You might have seen her in different facepainting forums and pages or in magazines such as QMagazine and Wet Paint Magazine.
Linnéa really loves everything about this industry, and she likes to challenge herself and keep on growing as an artist.

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