Light Fury Mask Face Paint by Natalia Kirillova

Many children and adults were looking forward to the third "How to Train Your Dragon" movie called "The Hidden World". In this part of the cartoon, Toothless will have a girlfriend, and in this face paint tutorial, I tried just to portray the mask of Light Fury.

 Step 1 

The first step is to use white face paint and a Loew-Cornell (#1) round brush to paint. The lines may be thinner because it is a sketch. Draw eyes and pupils Light Fury, raise the edges of the eyes a little higher .

Step 2

Next, using the brush Diamond FX #10 cover the selected areas in white. I use the brand Global Standard White, it goes well and does not tighten the skin. To this color I mix Superstar-Silver White Shimmer to create a beautiful shimmer. From the bottom of our mask drawn in the color Silver Shimmer for surround effect, create shade down with a dark wash. Eyes leave unpainted, in the photo number 2 is well visible, what should be the shape of eye of Fury.

Step 3

Next, we need a Superstar Face Paint - in a shade of Ziva Shimmer, using this color to paint over the eyes, apply a drop of black on the top and try to blend the border of shades, so that there is no sharp transition. Also on the lugs closer to the temples and bottom of the mask will add shade silver color. Select the line of the nose and skin folds.

Step 4 

On top of the eyelids, draw the pupils of the dragon black color, don't forget to draw white highlights. Stencil Bad Ass Mini Stencils-Reptile add our drawing dragon texture. I use a special applicator for stencil, it is small and very convenient, if not, you can use a regular sponge.

 Step 5

Then use-Chameleon-Baseline Strong Black and round brush Loew-Cornell (#4) to trace the entire mask. White color add white spots on the middle of the nose and cheeks.

Step 6

In the end, we will use the white color and the badass Mini Stencils Gradient stencil to give the design a more interesting look. Near the ears and on the sides of the mask, I shaded the black border of the color for a sense of volume, and painted the eyelashes white so that they were invisible. At the last stage, we will make our image brighter, add a little glitter gel Glitter, colors shimmer elegantly in the light!

I hope you enjoyed my step-by-step tutorial, can't wait to see your drawings!

Products Used:

Global Face Paint - Standard White
Cameleon Baseline Strong Black
Superstar Face Paint - Silver Shimmer
Superstar Face Paint - Silver White Shimmer
Superstar Face Paint - Ziva Shimmer
Loew Cornell Round No.4 Brush
Loew Cornell Round No.1 Brush
Diamond FX #10 Oval Brush (11/16")
BAM Mini Stencils Reptile - 1004
BAM Mini Stencils Gradient - 1206
Qosmedix Lollipop Swabs
American Body Art Pixie Paint  "Abracadabra"


My name is Natalia, I live and work in Russia, the city of Yaroslavl. I do face painting for 7 years. One of my favorite destinations - belly painting, (so great to see how kids who have recently been in the tummy are already beginning to walk, talk and learn to draw) in my collection of 40 drawings for pregnant women. I've won a lot of face painting contests and now I want to teach you how to create beautiful drawings on faces. The most beautiful thing when you show your child the finished picture to see his shining smile.

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