Incredibles 2 - Dash Face Paint Design by Kristin Olsson

The super fast Dash is one of my son's favorite characters from the Incredibles! We are both so excited about the new movie coming out that we wanted to celebrate it with an on the job, super cool and Incredible design!


TAG Beige

Cameleon Fire Red

Cameleon Marina Yellow

Cameleon Robins Egg Blue

Diamond FX Black

Diamond FX White

BAM Gradient Stencils

Cameleon Blending Brush

Silly Farm Paint Pal Little Drop Filbert Brush (5/16")

Loew-Cornell American Painter #2 Round Brush

Step 1: sketch out the design

First, using a thin brush and white paint, I start by sketching out the design on the forehead to decide the placement. As many boys have a fringe on the side, I wanted the design to be placed so that it would be visible on the model, and I also wanted to create a good flowing design towards the focal points.

Step 2: fill in the color

Using a small filbert brush, I fill in the flat areas of colors. for the design. I pay attention to the general shape of the character, but I am not too fussy about getting very crisp lines at this point as I will be going over the design afterward with a black outline.

Step 3: adding stencils

For more movement in the design (after all, Dash is super fast!) I use my absolute favorite stencil for patterns, the gradient dot one from BAM. If you haven't got it already you need this in your life! It is so versatile and can be used for almost any design. I purposely go over the design here and there with the stencil a couple of times in the same place so that it looks a bit messier.

Step 4: outlining and highlights!

I then go on to outlining the design with black paint. The outlining makes a huge difference to the design and really makes it pop! I add a few highlights here and there as well. This is optional, but I feel it adds a bit more interest to the designs if you have time to do it.

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Step 5: dry brushing

I discovered that I had forgotten to add the pupils of the eyes in the previous step, so, first of all, I added those. I then went over the design with a blending brush moistened with a wet wipe and pulled out the paint here and there. This step is also optional, but in my opinion, it adds even more interest and movement to the design.


Additional info:

In this image, you can see how I used the center focal point between the eyes as the reference when placing the design. On the outer edge of the design, you can also see how the elements create a slightly curved shape that pulls the eye up towards the focal point on top of the head and down towards the chin focal point.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial - can´t wait to see your version of this!

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Kristin Olsson has her background from the art and design world and has been working as a professional face painter since 2016.

She is an instructor at Olga Murasev´s International Face Painting School (, has won numerous face painting competitions and has been published in the various face and body painting magazines.

You can see more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook pages.