Stencils By Theme

Browse face paint stencils by your party's theme! Face Paint Stencils help create professional looking face painting designs quickly and easily. Face paint stencils allow you to reproduce the same face painting design multiple times and on multiple faces. A set of stencils for face painting is a must have for a face painting party or carnival.


Art Factory Boomerang Stencil - Pixie Kiss (B002) $5.00
Art Factory Boomerang Stencil - Dolphin (B006) $5.00
Sold Out
Ooh! Wrap Stencil - Scales $5.00
Diva Face Painting Stencil - Fortnite Dab $4.75
Diva Face Painting Stencil - Super Hero Set $27.25
Art Factory Boomerang Stencil - Star Twinkle (B005) $5.00
Ooh! Texture Stencil - Reptile Skin $6.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Tired Tread - BAM4015 $4.00
Milena Face Painting Stencils - Eagle A3 $5.95
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Unicorn $5.00
Art Factory Boomerang Stencil - Butterfly (B030) $5.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Chinese Dragon - BAM1412 $4.00
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Dolphin $5.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Dotty - BAM2031 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Diamond Stars - BAM1015 $4.00
SOBA Quick EZ Face Painting Stencil - Long Spiders $4.00
Art Factory Boomerang Stencil - Seahorse Unicorn (B010) $5.00
Diva Face Painting Stencil - Stars on Circle $6.25
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Stars $5.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Lip Prints - BAM4002 $4.00