Review on Fab White face paint

Fab White Review                                                                     As a professional face painter, I find that is a great place to get all your facepainting supplies. They give you the best value for all your face painting needs. Fab White is a professional grade facepaint that all painters should have in their kit. This paint is glycerin based it is soft with a creamy consistency. Other face paints on the market are wax based which makes them harder in consistency. I find that this creamy paint applies easily with a sponge or brush. In my opinion, this paint is very good for bases. If you are creating a sugar skull or a kitty cat this paint works great for these designs. This paint blends well with other colors. You will find that it takes a little longer to dry than other paints, so that gives you a little more time to blend your colors. Whether you are sponging or brushing it is easily applied smoothly to skin, it also goes on evenly and covers well.                                  Most professional face painters like to have a few different types of white paint in their kit, for multiple purposes. I feel fab White would be a great addition to your kit.                       I like to have Fab White in my kit because of its ability to blend easily with other colors and it is always a great foundation/base for many designs. This paint is easily removed with soap and water.                                                All painters should add Fab White to their collection of colors in their kit. In my opinion, I think you will find Fab White to be a great addition to your kit. Have a great painty day!