Zombie Prosthetic Face Paint Video Tutorial by Athena Zhe

In this video tutorial, Athena Zhes shows us how to make a zombie prosthetic face paint design using some amazing tools and face paints!

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Tips: Always start with a clean face. Make sure that all paints, tools and the work area are all clean. Prepare everything you need before you start.

Zombie Prosthetic Face Paint Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1:Place the prosthetic on top of the face and contour its edges with Graftobian Makeup Powder.

Contour the prosthetic

Step 2. Apply Pro Adhesive inside the contoured area.
Step 3. Place some Vaseline on the eyebrows.

Spread the glue

Step 4. Place the prosthetic starting at the middle and towards the sides.

Place the prosthetic.

Step 5. Cover the prosthetic with Pax to get a mute skin tone with a sponge.

Cover with Pax

Step 6. Powder the prosthetic with Graftobian Translucent powder.

Powder the Zombie.

Step 7. Using an airbrush, color the prosthetic with Corpse Flesh.

Paint the Zombie.

Step 8. Highlight parts of the prosthetic with Deep Golden Highlight using the airbrush.

Give some highlights.

Step 9. With a little Deep Gold Highlight still in the airbrush, add a few drops of Black to create a dark Brown color and apply on the prosthetic for lowlights.


Step 10. Mix Frankie Grey and Neon Violet in the airbrush and spray on the prosthetic to mimic veins.

Createpurple veins

Step 11. On the current mixture, add some Navy Blue and apply along the veins to create a smooth color effect.

Create blue veins.

Step 12. Paint grey veins with some Frankie Grey on the airbrush.

Create grey veins

Step 13. Mix Black and Deep Golden Highlight to give the prosthetic another layer of lowlights.

Apply darker lowlights.

Step 14. Using a toothbrush and Fuzzy Bear Brown (ProPaint), create splatters on the face.

Brown splatter.

Step 15. With the same procedure apply more splatters on the face with Wild Violet.


Step 16. Add another set of color splatter using Yellow.
Step 17. Splatter even more all over the face using Red.
Step 18. Add White Splatter with the same procedure.
Step 19. With the same procedure add Red splatter around the mouth area to mimic blood.

Blood around the mouth

Step 20. Splatter Black around the eye area.
Step 21. Highlight the hair with Frankie Grey using airbrush.

highlight the hair

Step 22. Use Moisture Spray around the eye area to give the bloody mouth a wet effect.

Finished Product!

fresh blood

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