Tutorial: Zombie Mask


Halloween is just around the corner and you can never have too many zombie designs to choose from! There are so many awesome zombie designs out there, but I noticed that most of them are full face or half face designs. I tend to prefer mask designs because they allow for a lot more freedom to eat and they are less likely to get smudged. So, I created this silly zombie mask. Keep reading to learn how I created this design!

Products Used:


Step 1:

Lay down the base colors. First, use the light green on a large brush or sponge to cover the area from the bottom of the nose, around the outside of the eyebrows, and up to almost the hairline. Make sure to add small circles on the side to create ears as well. Then, use light pink on a sponge or brush to create a lumpy organic shape that will become the brain.


Step 2:

Again using light pink, brush on an uneven mouth. Keep in mind that the curvature of the nose may distort the mouth, so make sure your lines all line up so that the mouth keeps its intended shape. Then, create outlines of where you would like the scraggly teeth to go. Make sure they are unevenly sized and distributed randomly in the mouth.


Step 3:

Use your red face paint or powder makeup ( I used red starblend) to create raw, red eye bags. This design would probably still be effective without this step, so it is completely optional and up to your personal taste. I decided to add it in because I thought that it made the design pop a little bit more.


Step 3:

This is when the zombie starts coming to life (no pun intended). Use your slightly darker green to create some shadows on the zombie’s face. I put the shadows almost completely around the face and on the spot that the nose will be. I also used this color around the eyes to make them appear to be more sunken and added some wrinkles around the mouth. Similarly, use the dark pink paint to create shadows in the mouth and on the brain. Make sure to blend.


Step 4:

Use your black paint to outline and add a little bit of detail. First use a thin brush to outline the face and mouth. Then add in some bushy uneven eyebrow that roughly follow the natural position of the eyebrows. Also add random strands of messy black hair to make the zombie look even more crazed. The brain also needs some details, so add random squiggly lines that help to suggest that it is a brain. Lastly in this step, create two uneven holes for the nose. Allow some room for the shadows to show through the nose holes. This whole step can be done with Wolfe paint or your preferred black face paint.


Step 5:

Almost done! In fact, you could probably stop at this step if you wanted. But if you live for detail, then keep reading. I used yellow paint to create oval shaped skin lesions all over the face. I used the darkish green to create shadows around the lesions. This adds to the overall zombie effect. Then, fill in the teeth with the same yellow that was used for the lesions.



Step 6:

The final step is simply more detail. I did not like the pink mouth, so I covered it with black. I also used black powder makeup to make the shadows more dramatic. Once you are happy with it, you are complete!