Bright Half Zombie Face Paint by Kellie Burrus

Fall is almost here and Halloween is coming. Besides being a great face paint design for Halloween, zombies are a huge request year round for face painters. 

I hope you enjoy painting my version! 


Materials Used: 

Loew Cornell Rounds, #3, #4, #6

Always Wicked Half Round Sponges

Kabuki Brush

FAB Deep Ocean (Teal)

FAB Lemon Yellow

FAB Bubblegum Pink

Mehron Paradise White

Mehron Paradise Black

Diamond FX White

Wolfe FX Black (sub Diamond FX Black)

Teddy Bear Arty Brush One Stroke for Browns 


Step 1: Use a teal base with a sponge or kabuki brush and cover half of the face and down the neck, loosely leaving areas open like the eye and mouth where you will be adding other colors later.


Step 2: Using a sponge, load up some light pink and a little bit of light brown. Use that loaded sponge to fill in the mouth area for a “gums” foundation. Add the pink color to the center of the closed lid, add some areas around that side of the face and down the neck for “sores.”


Step 3: Load a round brush with some white and mix in a little yellow. Lay the “teeth” over the lips by pressing the loaded brush against the skin to make each tooth, going past the edge of the lip.


Step 4: Use a round brush and sponge to paint and blend in some brown tones on one side of the sores, outsides of the gums/mouth and around the eye. Go around each tooth with the brown and flick and drag a little brown coming down the middle of each tooth. 


Step 5: Use a round brush and black to add more depth to the dark areas of the sores. Go around each tooth with black.


Step 6: Using a sponge loaded with a soft white, stipple and sponge some white for highlights where the light would hit - the bridge of the nose, forehead, chin and any other areas where bones are under the skin. Load a round brush with a strong white and add some bright highlights in dots and lines in the center of the pink in the eye, around the sores, and to highlight where there are folds are wrinkles. Now your zombie is done!