Tutorial: Whimsical Dragonfly Design

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Dragonfly Face Paint








Spring is in the air and I just can’t get enough of these colorful Spring designs. This dragonfly design is easy and popular, those faces just light up when they see themselves in the mirror.

What you’ll need:

#4 Round Brush

Snazaroo Brushes – Small Filbert

Let’s begin:

Dragonfly Face Paint








Load your sponge with Paradise Lime and apply it to the side of each eye.  Load your sponge with Paradise Brilliant Purple and cover the eyelids.

Dragonfly Face Paint








Load your #4 brush with Global Dark Blue. Paint a large teardrop shape on top of the Paradise Lime. The teardrops will need to be opposite of each other (one going up and the other going down). Add a circle at the top of each teardrop and continue down the body of the dragonfly with Global Dark Blue using half circle shapes. Load your Small Filbert brush with Paradise Teal and brush on the Dragonfly wings using thin to thick strokes. Reload your #4 brush with Global Dark Blue and outline the wings.

Dragonfly Face Paint








Double load your Small Filbert brush with Paradise Orange followed by yellow and paint flour petals on the inside of each eye, the end of each dragonfly’s tail and paint in a flour in the center of the forehead, just above the bridge of the nose.

Dragonfly Face Paint








Load your #4 Brush with Wolfe White and outline the purple on each eyelid. Next, add several dots to each flour petal and in the inside of each flour. Add small teardrops above and below the middle flour. Follow up with some dots on the dragonfly’s body and maybe some stars at the top and bottom of the design. Last, you’ll want to add some lipstick and glitter.

Dragonfly Face Paint








I really enjoyed this design and I hope you enjoy recreating it with your own flair. Be sure to share your version with us!

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for Halloweenmakeup.com

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