What Kind of Menu Board is Right for You?

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Deciding what kind of face painting menu board to create is a hard decision. There are so many options out there and everybody does their board just a little bit differently. In this post, I’m going to go through the different options for face painting boards so that you can make the best decision for what is right for you.

Picture Board

Picture boards are probably one of the most eye-catching and effective boards that you can have. When kids see pictures of face paint, they immediately know what you are there for. They are also a great way to show off your skill. If parents see how great your designs are, they will know that you are worth whatever price you are charging. Another great aspect of picture boards is that most kids will pick straight off of the board, which means that you can get really great at those few designs and you’ll be very fast.

Even though picture boards are extremely effective, here are a few things to think about. If you are a new painter, you will constantly get better, and you will need your board to reflect that. Some painters have removable pictures that they can replace with new and improved pictures, however, printing and laminating new pictures can get costly. Also, kids will expect their painting to look exactly like the picture. If it is not just as perfect as the picture, kids may complain, so you’d better make sure you have those designs down. Along with that, picture boards leave little room for creative freedom and improvisation; this may be especially limiting when you have a long line and are trying to simplify designs to get through the kids even faster.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend using picture boards if you do a lot of pay per face events at carnivals and other events. If you need to attract customers and if you have a little bit more time to make sure that every face is perfect, then you should definitely consider a picture board. If you do not fall into this category, then consider the following options.

Word Board

Word boards are great because they allow for a lot of creative freedom. If your board says “puppy”, then you can create any kind of puppy design that you want without any restrictions. If you are trying to close a line, then you can simplify your designs and the children will most likely not know the difference. And if you are a newer painter, then you don’t have to worry about changing your board to reflect your improvements. Word boards are a happy medium between the other two kinds of boards mentioned in this post.

Unfortunately, word boards are not as visually effective as picture boards. Because of this, you really have to make sure that “Face Painting” is very prominent on your board. Also, there is no way for a parent to know if your designs are worth your price or not, so you really have to make sure that your face is painted very nicely in order for them to know that you will deliver quality work.

Bottom Line: I recommend a word board if you do a lot of events in which the venue is paying you (not pay per face). The word board will ensure that you can get through the line fast because you can simplify designs at will.

No Board

Some painters do not use a board at all, which allows for maximum amounts of creative freedom. Most kids will still ask for the basics such as butterflies, puppies, Spider-Man, etc. However, there will probably be a few that ask for less common things. Because of this, you should be very confident in your painting skills if you are going to go menu-less. Not having a board means that there is one less piece of equipment to drag around and take up space.

Not having a board is obviously less eye-catching than the previous options. This makes it not a great idea for pay per face events in which you are trying to attract people to your booth. Also, you are bound to get at least a couple of creative kids that want something out of the norm, which will probably take a little bit more time than a normal design.

Bottom Line: I recommend this option if you do a lot of private birthday parties. Space is usually a concern at parties, so it is better to not have a big board with you. Also, kids at birthday parties tend to all want similar designs (I once did a party of exclusively puppy designs) so a board is usually not that necessary.


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