Webinar: Valentine's Designs with Pam Kinneberg

In this webinar, Pam Kinneberg teaches us how to do a few of her Valentine's designs.

Design #1: Flamingo Love

I’m gonna start by spraying water on my petal sponge to do the eyelids. I always spray my sponges first and not my paints as it keeps my paints from getting sticky and gooey. When I do eyelids and wanna do multicolor on the eyelids, you can always use a split cake but sometimes I don’t have a rainbow cake that will work for the colors. So I just make my own on my sponge. With this one, I’m gonna use a pearl white from Fusion, a metallic gold from FAB, and a Global magenta. Actually, I have Global and FAB side by side in (this container) but I don’t know which one is which. They were the same color so now I just use them both together and it works just fine. So I’m gonna use these three colors on my sponge and I’m gonna start with the white and load the tip of the sponge and get some white on it. Next, I’m going to put the gold in there. I bend my sponge so that the tip of it comes back so it doesn’t get any gold on it, and then the middle part goes on the gold. Then I just put the end of it into the pink. Now I have a triple loaded sponge that I can put on my eyelids.

Alright, so I’m just pouncing that on the eyelids. I’m gonna go above the eyebrow a little bit ‘cause when I’m painting up on top, it’ll join it better. Then I’ll do the other side, just turn the sponge around. So I’m just dabbing on the eyelids to get a nice transition from the pearl white to the pink.

The next thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do a really thin white line of a heart shape in the center here so that I know where the heads of my flamingos are gonna go before I start putting them in there because chances are, I would get them all crooked and asymmetrical and I kinda want this to be as symmetrical as possible. I’m gonna find the center point by going right up the middle, make a little dot here where the tip of the heart would be. So then, just a really light line that’s going to tell me where this center heart is. And then I’m gonna come down right here and swoop it in where the necks are going to be. Try to do the same thing on the left side so it’s symmetrical.

I’ve got my heart shape, and then the next brush I’m going to use is the Paint Pal Little Drop. This is a really nice little Filbert and I’m gonna use it to create the necks of my flamingos. I’ll be using Superstar Bubblegum Pink along with Superstar Berry Wine. First I’ll load my brush with the pink then I’m gonna take just the side of my brush across the Berry Wine so that I can pick up some of that color. Now you’ve got a double load on your brush--the darker part of my brush on the underside, and the lighter color is gonna be on the top as I make this little loop. This is gonna be the first head and neck and I’m just gonna swoop around. That creates a lighter and a darker area. I’m gonna do it again (on the other side). It’s a really quick way to get shading in there without having to outline it with a darker color.

Now I’m gonna paint the body of the flamingo with just the Bubblegum Pink on my brush. I’m just gonna paint kind of a hump and I’m gonna go right to the corner of the eye with the pink, so I’m just gonna bring it right down here and go right to the corner so that you have a nice little rounded area there. It almost looks like another heart if you look at the overall shape of this. Try to make these two sides the same. Now I’ve got the two sides of my flamingos.

Next, I’m gonna create some simple wings on the flamingos and for that, I’m also gonna do another double dip. I’m gonna load my brush with Kraze White. I’m gonna double dip it in the Berry Wine again so that I get white and a darker pink on here. Now I’m just gonna have two kind of swoops here that will designate where their wing feathers are. The top one will be shorter and the bottom one will be longer. I’m just gonna turn my brush so that it comes down to more of a point. It’s fat on the outside and pointed on the inside. And it’s got white on that top-- it’s sort of highlighting and the shadow at the same time. I’m gonna do the other side. I just swivel the brush in my fingers to get it to the point on this end. So there we have a very simple wing shape there that’s got shading to it.

At this point, I’m just going to quickly start the beaks. The flamingos have a white part to the top of their beaks, and in the bottom part is black. So I’m just gonna put the white part on and I sort of just do a little triangle on each little face right there. Then make a rectangle, just keep it as simple as possible. Then I’m gonna put their eyes in at this point, too. Just do a little dot. The eyes go right at the tip of their beaks.

Now’s the time for my stencils and I am using three different stencils. They’re Boomerang Stencils from The Art Factory. The one that I’m going to use for the top has a heart and a crown on it, called Heart Crown. So I’m using a denser sponge that has a narrower top on them for the stencils. When you’re loading, you just wanna make sure your paint isn’t too wet on your sponge, so just keep rubbing it over the paint until it feels dry and you have no moisture left. You can always test it on your hand to make sure it’s not too wet. I’m just gonna hold up the end of the stencil, because I’m only going to do the top part of this. I’m gonna position it right here on top of the flamingos heads while I’m holding it up at the bottom so I don’t get my white beak all messed up. Then I’m going to dab my sponge and try to get it just in this center part so I just get part of the heart and the whole crown parts of the stencil.

Next, using this same color and I’m going to use this Fern Boomerang stencil. I will be putting two symmetrical leaves on the cheeks. The other one will be this leaf part in the Tropical Flower stencil that will be going right on the side. But I want this particular (Fern) one to go on first, ‘cause I want my green leaf to overlap it when I put it on. I want my leaf to be going in, ‘cause you always want your design to be following this curve, pointing up to the focal point in the center. I’m gonna do the left side first. I’ve got it positioned about where I want it and then just going to dab the color on. For the symmetrical version of this side, look at how far it is from the nose to make sure. You can use the focal points on the face to help you guide yourself to lay the stencil in the right position.

Then I’m gonna put the green leaf on and I’m just gonna use the other side of my sponge for the green. This is called Dolphin from FAB and it’s a really light teal. It’s not overpowering, it’s more of a neutral teal. I'm loading my sponge and then I’m gonna take the Tropical Flower stencil and, once again, I’m gonna do the left side first and I’m just tilting it out a little bit so that they’re not all going exactly in line, this gives a little variation to it. If you want, spray some glitter on top of these while you’re doing it. That would be pretty, too. So there I have my two leaves, the green ones and the ferns.

Now we’re gonna do some white line work. I’m taking my white and I’m using a #2 Loew-Cornell Round Brush. I’m gonna add some highlights and just some line work on here. The highlights would be coming in on the tops of the necks of these flamingos. I’ll do the other side, too. Just go from thick to thin. I’m also going to do another little sideways heart shape right where these feathers for the wings are. I like to get as many heart shapes in here as possible since it’s a Valentine’s Day design. We’ll do the other side the same way. I’m going to add a few more teardrops here and there, sort of frame their necks a little bit. Then I’m gonna put, right in the center here, some teardrops like we do on princess crowns to finish off this center part. Then on the sides, I’m also gonna do some lines to kind of bring this together. I’m gonna add a long teardrop coming from, first of all, right by the corner of the eye going up. Depending on how much room you have when you’re working on a child, you can put a little swirl right there. Then I’m gonna put another teardrop right next to that. Do it on the other side.

I’m gonna go back in and do the rest of the beak so that we get that done. I'm loading Kraze Black. The beaks of flamingos are sort of curved in. That’s what really gives it away that this is a flamingo rather than a swan. I’ll do those and then I’ll do a line at the middle of their beaks, too. Then I’ll put a little tiny black dot in the middle for their eyeballs. You don’t have to do all these details if you’re in a hurry but we’ll do a few of ‘em.

Now I’m just gonna add some gold to certain areas. I want the gold to be more powerful than just the regular metallic gold so I add Mehron metallic powder to it and that makes it really metallic-y. So I'm adding this gold to various parts of these flamingos bodies, put some on their necks, curved teardrops. Another one to the top of this wing, just to give it some accents of gold to make it more exciting. It gives it more colorization so it’s not all pink. I’m also gonna give the beaks a little accent of gold to give them a little cool feature.

Next, I’m going to put some dots in with the Dolphin color right at the top that lead down to this teardrop right there to finish that circular area at the top and sort of close it up, in a way. The last thing that I do on here that really gives the wow factor is I put some of this chunky GLEAM Glitter in Gold Dustfrom VIVID. It has that chapstick-like texture to it so it can go over paint and on skin. I’m just gonna put some right here on the cheekbones and right on this heart at the top. You could add lipstick to this, if you want. But there you have it!


Design #2: Valentine's Mask

I’m gonna double load my petal sponge once again to do the eyelids, starting with TAG Neon Coral on my sponge and the top part with magenta. I’m gonna come again right above the eyelid, I’m not gonna just do the lid.

Next, I wanna do a heart in the center using this "stencil" I have from my scrapbooking days so I’m just gonna take this same sponge that I used for the eyelids and reload it if you need to. I’m gonna put a little bit more paint on this and I’m going to position it right in between the eyebrows. I’m going to put the dark part at the bottom and just tap that in there so that I get the two-colored heart that has some of that magenta coming in there. If you want to put another little heart on the sides, you can do that also. This is a TAP stencil, it’s got a little heart there and you could use the same sponge. I just crunch it up and tap it on there so I get both of the colors on.

Next, I'm gonna take a portion of the Henna Bits stencil from Diva, and you can take the same sponge and I’m just gonna put it on the corner of the eyelid right there and then tap on the same coral color. Gives a little interest to the piece.

To finish up this design, I'm gonna do some pin striping. With that, you use a liner brush with the very narrow, really long bristles to it. I'm using the #1 Script Liner from Blazin Brushes by Marcela Bustamante. They take some getting used to, learning how to use these. So just creating the rest of the design out of line work. I’m starting out with this magenta and I’m just going to start putting in some line work, doing thick to thin. I’ve got some lines started there, I’m gonna put one around the eye area. It’s really fun to be able to create a design just using a really simple base color and lines because you can do so much with that and you can have so much freedom with that if you get used to doing it. One thing about pin striping is you have this cross over technique which is really cool. So with this line right here, I’m gonna take it and I’m just gonna cross over and go right up. And then I’m gonna repeat it on the other side. There are no right or wrongs in face painting. You can just do whatever you feel.

I’m also gonna frame the little heart here with some of this same color and then once I get these lines done, I’m gonna come in with a couple extra colors. I’m going to use Kraze Neon Pink to add some neon lines here. I’m just doing monochromatic here in the different pinks but it has a cool look to it. If you really want to know how to do pin striping, you gotta watch Eva Wheeldon. She is a master at it and she teaches classes on it. She’s excellent. So do more of the coral on the bottom part.

Next, I’m gonna do the design’s center all in white, so I'm loading my brush in white. To speed this design up, you could always use a stencil. So I’m just gonna do a long narrow teardrop in the center and bring it all the way down. And then I’m gonna do two curved ones off to the side. I’m leaving all of my strokes at the bottom like that and then I’m gonna connect them up sort of like a little leaf, almost, and join ‘em in the center part. So now I’ve got this cool little design going at the top which is super fun. Just gonna put some little teardrops at the top here, perhaps some dots. I’m gonna bring some white lines in in a few other places on my design to bring it all together. Important thing about using a liner brush is you wanna hold it without slanting it too much ‘cause your lines will work better if you’re holding it more perpendicular. And then you can add some dots.

I’m going to complete it with some more glitter, this is Glitter Creme in Biosphere. I’m gonna finish it off like I did my other design where it comes in to the center and it has glitter at the end and then I’m also putting glitter right on the heart up here too so it has some sparkle up there. Then you can put lipstick on and all of that. Just have fun with it. I encourage you to get out a liner brush and play.


Products Used in the Webinar:

Fusion Pearl White
FAB Metallic Gold
Global Magenta
Paint Pal Little Drop Filbert Brush
Superstar Bubblegum Pink
Superstar Berry Wine
Kraze White
Art Factory Boomerang Heart Crown Stencil
Art Factory Boomerang Fern Stencil
Art Factory Boomerang Tropical Flower Stencil
FAB Dolphin
Loew-Cornell #2 Round Brush
Kraze Black
Mehron Gold Metallic Powder
VIVID GLEAM Glitter in Gold Dust
TAG Neon Coral
TAP Stencils
Henna Bits Diva Stencil
Marcela Bustamante Blazin Brushes #1 Script Liner 
Kraze Neon Pink
Glitter Creme Biosphere
Sparkling Faces Board by Svetlana Keller - Angelina
Sparking Faces Board by Svetlana Keller - Sophia


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later at our YouTube channel. Thank you, Pam, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.