Webinar: Princess Crowns and Tiaras with Elaine Goh

In this webinar, learn the basics of face painting Princess Crowns and Tiaras with Elaine Goh. 


Design #1

The first one I'm gonna paint is like a heart-shaped princess face. Today I'm gonna be using mostly the Kraze FX Splash Palette. I'm gonna start off with the rainbow split cake. Just getting a good load of it.

So with my princess designs you'll see that I tend to have that sort of round shape over the eyes. In all my years of face painting, I've tried all different kinds of shapes and I've just found that this shape really complements the look of the face 'cause it outlines the eyebrows, it lifts it up, and when you paint a princess face or any face design, really, you gotta think about your focal points so you've got one here in center. The ones that I mainly think about with these designs are the center focal point, then you've got the ones on the side of the eyes. It just complements the face better when it sort of fits in that shape.

So that was a Prima Barton 3/4" Flat brush. Now I'm gonna use an American Painter Brush Size 1. This is one of my favorite brushes at the moment.

Actually, I want to do a stencil in the middle. This is a Diva stencil, a heart-shaped one with all the jewels on it (Forehead Jewels Gem Band 477).

I'm right-handed so I always start on my weaker side. It's just what helps me. I do one side and then the other side so I don't have to think about what I just did. Sometimes with new face painters, and I still struggle with it sometimes, you know, I like to have nice pointy tips at each end of a line but sometimes it can be quite a struggle so I usually would go halfway first and then the other half.

So, you can see it's not exactly following the previous line but that was on purpose. I wanted to come down underneath this stroke and it's pointing towards that central focal point there and same with the really long swirls. Sometimes I'll go halfway as well, that makes it so much easier.

I’m using Wolfe White. I'm really enjoying line work these days. I think it's because I'm getting really good at line work.

So most of the design is done. I'm just going to do some double dip flowers now and I do a lot of double dip flowers on the middle and on the sides a lot in my designs because it's easy and it's fast. I'm gonna use this brush called Enchanted Magic from Looney Bin. And then I'm just gonna dip in some colors. And then some on the sides now. 

So this is the end of design number one. I did put a bit of eyeshadow on her. You can put some glitter, chunky glitter on the sides, and a jewel in the middle, one that doesn't really cover that stencil. Or you can just leave that stencil out and just put a jewel there. Many different ways you can do things. I suppose if you're using a jewel instead of a stencil it might save you a little bit more time on the job. Practice your line work. It'll give you different looks, different effects, or even change the color of the line work. That or add some extra flowers here and there. Just gives you different looks but that's very complementing.

Design #2

So I'm gonna start off with the stencil because that's gonna show me my center point. I’m gonna use this stencil by Diva. It’s the mermaid stencil (Forehead Seahorse Band).

So I've loaded my dauber with a one stroke so you can see the different colors in there so when you put it on the face, you need to just rotate it. I'm gonna use this color (purple to yellow split cake) from the Kraze palette. So I'm gonna load that. I'm using an Aliyah brush, Angle Shader. This is a 1/2" brush. So once I've loaded the brush, I'm going to dip just the tip of it in black just so I don't have to go and outline it again.

Okay, so now I'm gonna change my brush. I'm gonna go back to the ¾” flat again. If it feels a bit too dry, I just dip the tip of the brush. So when I go around, I always envision, okay, that tip of my brush there is gonna point to the focal point that I had intended but it doesn't necessarily have to touch the focal point.

Now I'm gonna paint some leaves. We're gonna use an Aliyah brush again but this time I'm gonna use a 3/8” brush, an angled shader. So it's like the other one but just a slightly smaller one. I'm gonna use this green one straight from the Kraze palette. And, again, I'm going to dip the tip of it in a bit of black.

Now I'm gonna do some line work. Back with my Wolfe. I'm gonna use black this time and I'm gonna use the American Painter brush again.

I'm gonna finish off again with some double dip flowers 'cause they always make things look so pretty and they're easy. I'm just loading up my white on my Enchanted petal brush again. I'm gonna use a green blue. I'm gonna reload it just so I get some nice fresh ones at the sides.

Again, you can add a small jewel there if you wanted to. Or you can add a jewel instead of the double dip flowers in the middle. Or instead of the mermaid stencil you can put a mermaid bling on there.


Design #3

So this one's more of a flower fairy. I'm gonna start with using this one stroke from the Kraze palette again, it's like a fire one stroke, and I'm going to use my 1/2" Angle Shader Aliyah. So I'm gonna load it but I don't wanna have a ton of black on my tip so I'm just getting the very tip in black. So essentially, it's kind of like using a red, orange, yellow one stroke and then outlining it in black. So we're doing some petals pointing towards that focal point again.

We'll let that dry for a little bit because I wanna put some stencils over that as well. And then I'm going to use the pink one stroke from the Kraze palette. It doesn't have a black on it. I'm gonna dip just the tip of the bit that's closest to the dark edge, I'm gonna dip it in a bit of black.

I'm pointing again towards my central focal point. I'm just gonna freshen up my black on my brush again.

Now I'm gonna do some stencil work in here and I'm using a Glitter & Ghouls Paradise stencil. I'm gonna use the flower for the middle bit and then I'm gonna use these side burn-y leaves for the edges but I'm gonna have them in different colors. Then I'm gonna use my green for this one. So I'll use this black, dark green, light green, and white one stroke and I'm gonna use my dauber and just run it across. So when I use a dauber I usually spray it twice. Usually I would turn the light bit on the top because usually light hits the top and it's usually dark at the bottom.

And then I'm going to do some white line work with the American Face Painter brush. I'm going to use Wolfe White again. And then I will finish off with some double dips. I might start with yellow and a bit of orange. So you can see the white. You don't wanna put too much yellow and obviously every time you dip into it, it needs to be less and less and less otherwise you're just putting new colors over the existing one. Okay, so you can see the yellow and a bit of the orange over it. So it depends on how many dips you wanna do so if I wanna do an extra one, so you can see I put a bit more orange in here and then maybe the very tip, like, a darker color. It's kinda like wine. And if you wanted to, you can dip it in a bit of black but just at the very tip.

So this is done. Again, you can add some chunky glitter if you want to. You can take off the stencil, add some jewels. My thing is either use a stencil or jewels or double dips and then I either take things out or add them all on as much as I want to do it. It's all about adding extra bits and pieces to make it more elaborate, you know, add more eyeshadow, draw on some eyelashes. Depends on how much time you have.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Kraze FX Splash 12 One Stroke Split Cake Palette
Prima Barton Flat ¾” Brush
Loew-Cornell American Painter Short Handle #1 Round Brush
Diva Stencils Forehead Jewels Gem Band 477
Wolfe Face Paints White
Enchanted Magic Looney Bin Petal Brush
Diva Stencils Forehead Seahorse Band 476
Aliyah Angle Shader ½” Brush
Aliyah Angle Shader 3/8” Brush
Wolfe Face Paints Black
Glitter & Ghouls Paradise Stencil


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later at our YouTube channel. Thank you, Elaine, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.