Webinar: Line Work Practice with Marcela Bustamante

In this webinar, learn line work with Marcela Bustamante. For in-depth line work exercises, watch the entire webinar above!


Design #1

So we're gonna use one of these combinations that I love. It's from Fusion (Fusion Leanne's Happy Pixie Petal Palette) and I'm gonna use this petal-shaped sponge. I like to use the tip of the sponge to load because it goes perfectly on the eyelids. So I'm gonna spray water on the sponge and load it.

I'm gonna paint that on the eyelids part right here, do the same thing in the other side. I'm also gonna just tap on the forehead, not doing a specific shape, just patting with the same sponge.

So the first line work that I'm gonna do here is like an almond shape. I’m using the Liner #3 brush. Then because I'm here, I'm gonna go and do the cascade of teardrops right below that. Now I'm gonna start tracing those lines. [I’m gonna start with two on the left side]. The rule is to make them long in different directions and in a pair but don't make them the same size, make one shorter than the other one.

Once I have that, I'm gonna start crossing those lines [in whatever direction] because I have the focal point [in the middle area of the face] and I have an even base. So after this, go crazy. I'm gonna use just the tip of the brush. Some of them are almonds. I can extend this one a little bit and make a double almond.

How can I fill this? With teardrops and still using the same rule--by pairs. Make them by two. And right here, let's curve this [line at the edges of the eyes] to make that elegant.

So it's not perfect here, the paint, but whatever. You know, when you're doing--the face is much better. And here [below the eyes, I’m gonna] bring two or three lines just to close the design and make everything flow.


Design #2

I'm gonna use a Paint Pal Lux sponge. If you don't have a petal sponge, you can use that. I love the density of this sponge because it has small pores so it gets a very nice consistency of the paint. I'm gonna use my lovely paint from Sally-Ann which I love. It's so beautiful. So I'm gonna load it. I don't need that petal sponge because I'm painting a flat surface. [Apply that on the eyelids and under the eyes a little bit]. Try to keep the darker color outside, lighter inside. Bring it down a little bit [into the inner corners of the eyes].

Then I'm gonna use Kraze Orchid, it's brand new, it's beautiful and I'm gonna load it with a 3/4" Angle Blazin Brush. Get the lighter part with the longer bristles. I love this cake because it has a bump [in the middle] so you can get through it evenly.

So I'm gonna start making some flowers, some petals. It doesn't have to be perfect, just add some colors. I really love this cake because it has white and a very dark part.

So now, I just wanna add some colors [around the flowers and the inner corners of the eyes]. So I'm gonna do one line right here going to this focal point (chin), and one maybe right here going to this point (middle of the forehead). Now I'm gonna try to round this up and add some swirls, make them double. It doesn't have to be so perfect? Just add movement! Add some petals too.

Don’t forget to add some glitters. Because I have some purple and she has blue eyes, I'm gonna use Blazin Unicorn from VIVID Glitter. I'm gonna wet my finger and I'm gonna add it to the darker parts [of the flowers]. She adds Galaxy Green Glitter from VIVID Glitter to the green parts as well. This green is absolutely beautiful.

Sometimes when I paint the lips and if I don't have any color in the design in the same color of the lips, I just go back and add a little bit of that in, a teardrop or something just to make it match the lipstick.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Fusion Leanne's Happy Pixie Petal Palette
Blazin Brush Round #5 Brush
Fusion Pro Paraffin White
Sally-Ann Lynch Black Practice Board
Blazin Brush Script Liner #3
Blazin Brush Ultra Point #4 Brush
Blazin Brush Flora Flat #6 Brush
Sally-Ann Lynch Palette
Silly Farm Paint Pal Lux Pre Cut High Density Sponge
Silly Farm Paint Pal Lux Petal Sponge
Kraze FX Domed One Stroke Orchid
Blazin Brush Long Angle ¾"
VIVID Glitter Blazin Unicorn Chunky Glitter Mix
VIVID Glitter Galaxy Green Glitter
VIVID Glitter Neon Stack
Sweet Practice Boards


Marcela Bustamante Q&A:

Q: How long have you been face painting?
A: I started 11 years ago, but then I stopped and then I did another thing, and then I realized that I want to do this for a living.

Q: How did you arrive at using line work to define your style?
A: I think people like the way that I do line work so... and I love it. I'm not really good at doing specific characters because I don't know, I don't like to do that and I'm not good at it so, you know? So I prefer to do line work with whatever, like, freestyle. That's what I love.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to when you paint?
A: In my workshops, I always like to play violin music. I love it. And I love to play tango music too. 


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later at our YouTube channel. Thank you, Marcela, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.