Webinar: Learning How to Face Paint Flowers with Kathy Vergara

In this webinar, professional face painter and face paint teacher, Kathy Vergara, shows us how to do flowers using the new KrazeFX face paints. In this flower face paint tutorial, Kathy will be using the new Kraze FX Fundamentals Palette as well as the new Kraze FX Split Cake Palette.

So let's get into it and learn how to face paint flowers! In this webinar, Kathy will show us six different flower tutorials: small flowers (forget-me nots), hibiscus, rose, orchid, calla lilly, and daisy

#1. Forget-me-not Face Paint Flower Design

Forget-me-not flower design

Kathy starts us off by showing what is the easiest of flower designs, a forget-me-not.

Use a petal brush (PaintPal Pretty Petal) or you can also use a big round brush if you don't have a Pretty Petal Brush. These have longer bristles, and would be a little bit harder to do shorter petals, so don't press down all the way, just half way to get the same effect. 

Start with white face paint and load it up really well. If it's too wet, move to a side that's dryer. After the white, use a royal blue, just dipping the tip of the brush into the blue paint.

This is the same flower we did in the last webinar.

Hold the brush down at a 45 degree angle, push down, and keep going around in
a circle, until you've made your five petals. You can also do other variations, where you press down twice for each petal. You can also do more than five petals, which would make it into sort of a daisy. If the colors don't look as vibrant, be sure to reload your brush.

Pick up a different color now, Kathy chose red, which will really pop against the white. Not necessarily a flower, but it looks almost like lavender. Start from the farthest point, and press down. Alternate sides, going left and right,
and going down towards your flower design.

Flower Face Design

On a face design, Kathy starts at the corner of the eye, above the eyebrow, and
on the side of the temple. Repeat on each side of the face.Without reloading, you can do about five flowers, but it all depends on the face paint. As you go along, your paint will not be as vibrant as the first design.

To reload, simply wipe the tip of your brush against a paper towel, wet the tip ever so slightly,and reload the brush with paint. Go over the last flowers you did to make them brighter. Fill the spaces around the flowers to make a cute little flower mask.

Take a round brush, #4, and load well with white paint to make dots. Throw down a few dots. The more pressure, the bigger the dots. Do 3 or 4 little dots in the middle of each flower. Add a few small dots at the end of the flowers.

This would take Kathy about 2 minutes to do.You can also add some swirls and teardrops, but usually, it's not needed. You can also sponge on a rainbow cake onto the eyelids to make it pop even more. Metallic or pastel paints would look really nice.

#2. Hibiscus Face Paint Design

Hibiscus Flower Design

Grab an angled chisel brush, 1" or 3/4", and a split cake palette of your choice. For this design, Kathy went with a nice sunset split cake, which is also her favorite split cake in the Kraze FX Split Cake Palette.

For most flower designs, the lightest color should be on the outside, and the darkest color on the inside. This will make the flower design look a lot more realistic. 

You want your brush to glide against the paint. If it gets stuck, dip it slightly into
a little bit of water.

Before starting out a hibiscus flower design, space out your petals. Make a star-like shape with your brush. Hold the brush at an angle again, and press down and rotate the top of the brush, so that the bottom doesn't really move. You're making all the shape at the top of the brush. Go around each star line, making sure to leave a little bit of space between each petal.

Get some yellow on the round brush, and drop the brush down onto the middle of the flower, and twist while you drag it up. Basically, you're making a tear drop. Just go above a tiny bit outside of the flower. Add some tiny little dots to the end of the tear drop (the stamen of the flower). Add a few tiny dots to the stamen.
Add a few flicks of yellow to the center of the flower. For this, you want your paint to be more dry, to create shading.

#3. Rose Face Paint Design

Rose Design

The rose is Kathy's favorite flower design, and it's much like painting a hibiscus. You're going to follow the same instructions as for the hibiscus flower, except stopping at the point where you would add yellow.

Allow your flower to dry for a little bit before continuing. Reload your brush with the same split cake, and make sure the paint isn't too wet. Make small petals on one side, rotate just the top, go down, come around, like a cone shape. Reload again,starting next to the other petal, flick the brush down, and rotate the bottom, and bring it forward.

The second one will start on the other side. Use only the tip of the brush for this,
and rotate and push down and drag it across the front.

If your brush is too wet, dab it on a paper towel to get the excess water out. If the petal isn't bright enough, go over it again to make it more vibrant. Continue doing the side petals in the middle of the rose, to give it a 3D effect.

Do the sides, and rotate into the middle, using only the tip of the brush. You can
always add a third petal to fill in a space.

Rose Face Paint Design

On a face, Kathy does the rose on the cheek, because it usually has the most space. Will also go on top, just right at the outer corner of the eyebrow.

A viewer asked, what problems would most new face painters have?

Kathy says that most people gog backwards with their brushes, instead of forward. Kathy is also left-handed,which makes it hard for her students to follow. Go right to left if you're left handed, and left to right if you're right handed.

Also, if you don't let your rose dry before adding the inside petals, the paint will
get smudged. Additionally, make sure your highlights are on the top.

Now grab a smaller chisel brush (1/2") to add leaves to your face paint design.
Load up with a green paint, and you want to make sure you get a tiny bit of the dark green from your split cake. Push the brush down and make into a V-shape to make the leaves.

Rotate your brush for the leaves, and make tiny little zig-zag motions until your brush ends horizontally. The trick is to add them between two petals, to make them look like they come from behind.

The last step would be the flourishes. Take the same brush, and add some tear drops to the top and bottom of your design. Throw some dots in, wherever you feel it looks good.

You can also add a few smaller flowers to the design, like the ones from the first design. This adds some interest and depth, and looks like a bouquet of flowers.

#4. Orchid Face Paint Design

Orchid Face Paint Design

For this orchid face paint design, Kathy uses a blue, green, and purple split cake. The colors should be dark on the inside, and light on the outside. 

Load your brush up, back and forth with the split cake. Start with one petal on the top, one petal on the right bottom, and one on the bottom left. You should have 3 starter petals of an orchid.

Reload your brush and overlap,and come to the side of the top petal and go around, and overlap the bottom petal. Do the same thing on the other side of the top petal.

Use a yellow paint to do tiny lines in the middle of the flower. Grab some white paint to do some swirls. Start at the bottom of the flower, add some pressure, and go down. Go on the side, and make some teardrops. You can even connect your teardrops.

Continue the swirls and teardrops by making an S-shape at the top of the flower
for continuity. Add some dots wherever you like.

You can also outline your flower to give it more definition. Use a small round brush, #3, and use a black paint to outline the flower. Go really thin as you go inside of the flower.

The outline should be a little bit thicker on the outside. For a real face paint, Kathy
wouldn't be outlining the flower - this is just to show the placing and size of the petals.

#5. Calla Lily Face Paint Design
 Calla Lily Face Paint Design

For a calla lily design, Kathy uses a pink split cake, and a regular brush. 
Make a big petal on each side, and close the loop, as if making a cone.
Do the same thing on the cheek.If you have a spot that doesn't have paint in it, fill in with yellow, or a color of your choice.

Place a thick teardrop right in the middle of the flower. Calla lily leaves are longer than roses, so add leaves, and make them longer than the flower. You can also add a few dots and some teardrops in the middle to finish  off the design.

#6. Daisy Face Paint Design

Daisy Face Paint Design

Load your brush up with white, and take a tiny bit of a lighter blue, just for a shadow.Make a bunch of teardrops around a circle. Reload your brush, and continue adding teardrop petals.

Fill in the empty areas with your white paint. The blue should be on the inside, so you get a better definition. Dot a little bit more blue onto the bottom of your petals.

Load your brush with yellow, and do dots in the middle of the flower. Dot the paint
to texture the middle of the flower. Double load a little bit of brown and dot into
the very center of the daisy (the yellow part). This will add texture to your daisy.

Get a little bit of white and add some more dots in the middle of your daisy.

On behalf of everyone here at, we'd like to thank Kathy for showing us how to do flower face paint designs and also thank you to all who joined on Facebook Live and on Zoom!

Stay tuned for our next webinar!