Webinar: How to Face Paint Unicorns With Kathy Vergara

In this webinar, professional face paint artist and teacher Kathy Vergara, teaches us how to face paint unicorns. Unicorns are one of the most popular characters to paint because they're super colorful and they almost always are accompanied by rainbows!

For this unicorn face paint tutorial, Kahy will be using Kraze FX's brand new line of paints: Kraze FX Fundamentals Palette and Kraze FX Split Cake Palette.

There are two main designs: one is the horn, and the other is the actual unicorn face. 

Unicorn Design #1: The Horn

Horn Unicron Face Paint

Start by loading your brush (1/2" chisel brush) with Kraze FX split cake, making sure to have the lighter color on top. Start on the middle of the forehead and push down into the side and continue underneath. Do about 3 thick lines, one on top of another to create the horn. 

Kathy will then use a 1" chisel brush (Paint Pal Arty Angle) which will give you a little bit more control over what you're doing. 

For the ears, Kathy uses a #6 Swirl Paint Pal brush and loads it with white. Create two triangle shapes above the eyebrows (your horn is in the middle, between the ears). 

Dip the chisel brush into a blue split cake and brush back and forth, with the lighter color on the outside. You want to use a different split cake color than the horns, so there is contrast.

Start next to the middle of the horn, push down, and come right in front of the horn (a thick S-shape). You're giving the illusion that the hair of the unicorn wrap around from the side to the front. 

To the side of the eye, use the same blue split cake to create thick wiggly shapes. They almost resemble butterfly wings. 

For the inside of the ears, use the same split cake as the horn. Rotate the brush to fill in the space for the ears. 

This is the point where you would add your glitter before doing the outline. 

Do an outline for the horn, adding pressure to keep the line heavier towards the bottom. Come around with the black outline to do the hair. Kathy's using the skinny brush that comes with the Kraze FX palette

Adding black outlines adds more dimension to the hair and the overall design. Outline the ears, using really light pressure.

For the side eye designs, simply add some teardrops, dots, and swirls in white. 

For unicorns, Kathy likes to add small little starbursts, which make them look more whimsical. Make sure your lines are really, really skinny for the starbursts. 

For a little bit of added magic, Kathy uses Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling in gold, just to the outlines of the horn. Highlight the hair as well, using white, and try to deep your brush dry, so it doesn't stand out too much. 

This would take Kathy about 3-4 minutes to make. If you have time, you can also add some eye shadow.

Unicorn Design #2: The Unicorn

Unicorn Face Paint Design

Take the Romantic Rose chisel brush and go into the blue split cake. Start at the middle of the forehead (darker blue on the longer side, and lighter blue on the shorter side).

Start with the forehead and make a round shape, and square off the nose a little bit, and bring it back around. Go around your shape one more time if need be.

Do the ear on the side, and close the head. Come right where the ear ended, and come down to the neck. Turn the brush around so the dark blue is on the outside and bring it back. Make sure the cheek area is overlapping the neck. 

After that, make the eye using white face paint. The eye should be a horizontal almond shape. Take the other brush from the Kraze FX palette, and grab some purple to paint inside the eye. 

Kathy says you can do different types of eyes, depending on your design. They can be different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Outline the unicorn's eye with black, as if using eyeliner, and give the eyeliner a winged look. Add in some eyelashes. Fill in the front pupil area. Leave a space for the white, if you wish, and outline the back with black.

Now Kathy will add the hair of the unicorn, using pink and a smaller chisel brush (Beautiful Butterfly). Load up your brush, with white on the top, and darker pink on the bottom.

Hold the brush at an angle, and bring it around, pushing down, from the top of the head to the front of the forehead. Rotate the brush as you're pushing down, so you end at a point. Stick close to the body of the unicorn, and bring the brush around where the mane is. 

Right before the chin and neck touch, lay the pink paint down, and make a backwards C. You have the illusion that the hair comes around the neck and towards the front.

For this design, Kathy adds a few dots of glitter for the horn, instead of using paint. It's much faster and people just love glitter better in general.

You can also add wings to your unicorn. Load your short angle brush and load with a rainbow split cake. Go back and forth to saturate your brush. 

To the side of the unicorn (behind the mane), wiggle your brush to create a wing. Wiggle the brush around to make the bottom wing. 

Repeat the same process on the other side. Be sure to wiggle and rotate your brush at the same time. 

Unicorn Face Paint Design

Now all that's left to do is outline your design and add some embellishments. Use black face paint and a thin brush to outline your unicorn. The mouth of the unicorn should be in the middle of the nose area.

Really lightly and quickly outline the mane area. Dip your brush into white paint, and add some teardrops, swirls, and dots, around the wing areas. 

Bring the white teardrops to the focal point of the design, which is the middle of the unicorn (middle of the forehead). When making dots, make sure your paint is pretty wet.

Try rotating your brush to get clear, crisp lines. Add some highlights (using white) next to the black line work.Make sure your brush is dry. 

Unicorn Design #3: Unicorn Mask (Faster Version)

Unicorn Mask Design

Kathy will now show us a different variation of the above design. The unicorn will be the same, but we will have different wings.

Take your rainbow split cake, and go around the top of the left eye, and go around the bottom of the right eye. Add some glitter, and finish off with some tear drops. 

Make sure to wait for your paint to dry as to avoid bleeding into the colors. 

Unicorn Design #3: Masculine Unicorn For Boys

Masculine Unicorn Face Paint Design

For a more masculine unicorn, use darker colors. For this design, Kathy uses the blue split cake. Start with the forehead, and come down, as we did for our last unicorn design. Fill in the area with the back of the brush. Add the ear, and this time, we'll do a different color for the mane.

Don't forget to add the neck of the unicorn. You can do green hair, but for this design, Kathy will do a "fire" hair design. Do a similar mane design as the previous unicorn. For a fire effect, make "waves" with your brush. Do this for the unicorn's mane.

As if the hair was overlapping, make more flames to the front of the unicorn. Paint in the eye, and instead of teardrops and swirls, do a more tribal side design.

Be sure to outline your unicorn using black paint. This will give our design some definition. For the tribal design, do some C's and O's, and lines. The trick is to keep the same distance between the lines, and keep it consistent.


On behalf of everyone here at, we'd like to thank Kathy for showing us how to do unicorn face paint designs and also thank you to all who joined on Facebook Live and on Zoom!

Stay tuned for our next webinar!