Webinar: How to Face Paint Sea Creatures With Kathy Vergara

In this webinar, talented face painter, body painter, and makeup artist Kathy Vergara, will show us how to face paint sea creatures! Painting for about 8 years, Kathy's been working with an event company, where she trained at least 150 girls in face painting.

A lot of the designs Kathy does, are based on speed. This will help you get through a line of children very quickly. Although they're fast, they also look professional!

In this face paint tutorial, Kathy chose to use KrazeFX's newest line of face paints: the Kraze FX Fundamentals Palette as well as the new Kraze FX Split Cake Palette. What's great about these palettes is that they are at an amazing price point, the colors are bright and of good quality, and each palette also comes with two brushes!

Most of the brushes used today will be from the Paint Pal line by Silly Farm, but you can use whichever brushes or paints you prefer!


Sea Creature #1: Seahorse

Sea Horse Face Paint Design

For this first design, Kathy will be using the Romantic Rose brush, which is a 1/2" angled brush. Load your brush with a green split cake and start with the head. It will be like little peaks or mountains, and then just drag the brush down, doing a long stroke on the side for the nose. Cover the empty space, and close up the other side.

Kathy likes to do the belly a little bit lighter than the head. Go down and make petal-like shapes that are overlapping. This will bring some texture to the belly of the seahorse. Go down and around to curve the tail.

Add in the small little fin that the seahorse has in the back of its head. Continue doing the neck/fin, and flip the brush over to the back, and make a petal for the fin that goes out from the back.

Sea Horse Face Paint Design

Now Kathy goes over with a tiny round brush with white face paint. The brush she is using came with the Kraze FX palette. Make a large circle to form the eye. Grab a Swirl #1 brush from Paint Pal, and outline the sea horse using black face paint. The outline should be a little bit heavier on the outside. When you come down the belly, trace right under the "petals". This will give your seahorse some texture.

If your eye has dried, go ahead and use black to add a small little pupil. Come back with the white, and do some tiny highlights around the body. Kathy says that if you don't have time, you can skip this step. Make sure your highlights are very thin and not too heavy - you don't want the white to overpower the design.

Sea Horse Face Paint Design

Now that your seahorse is complete, you might want to add some embellishments and/or a background. This will be a super easy design! For this part, Kathy uses the Arty chiseled angle brush, along with a really nice blue split cake. 

Start right underneath the seahorse's back and make some waves. Add some waves at the top of the seahorse's head, and some coming from the front. There is no exact shape, you're just filling in the spaces, making it look natural and organic.

Take a thicker swirl, #4, and load it up with white. Finish off the look with a couple of teardrops. Go in the same direction that your shapes were going with the blue split cake. Keep your focal points in mind - in this case, the middle of the seahorse. If you want, you can throw in some dots as well!

Because this is a longer shaped design, it would be better suited for an arm design. Alternatively, you can also use a smaller brush and paint onto the face.

Sea Creature #2: Shark

Shark Face Paint Design

The shark is one of Kathy's favorite things to paint, because she can do it in about 30 seconds!

Again she'll use the Arty angle brush (1" chisel brush), and she'll reload it into the blue split cake. But this time, the dark blue will be at the higher point. The dark will essentially be on the outside of the shark. 

Start by the top lip and press down, coming around and twisting the brush so that it's going outwards. Make the second line going under the mouth. This will be your sharks's body. For the tail, press down and come around the eye, making the two fins. Make the dorsal fin in the middle of the body. Go over the top half of the body once more. Add two small fins at the bottom as well.

Shark Face Paint Design

Use the same white paint and a small brush to make a small eye. Grab the black Swirl 1" brush to create some lines for your shark's body. Use black to add in the Shark's pupil as well as an "angry" eyebrow. Go back with the white and lightly flick downward at the mouth to create the teeth. Load up your white brush and add some little highlights to the eyes.

You can leave the shark as is, or you can also make it a little bit fancier. If you had different blue split cakes, you could add some water around the shark. Be sure to dip your brush into a little bit of water to make the water element pop a little bit more. With white, add some dots to the water as well as some small lines to create that wave-like effect.

Sea Creature Design #3: Fish

Fish Face Paint Design

Take a 1/2" flat brush and use an orange-like split cake. Start by the top of the lip and make a little petal. Flip the brush over, and make another little petal. These will be by the side of the mouth. Just like with the shark design, this one will also "move" when the person opens their mouth!

Go all the way up with your brush (by the cheeks), come around, and do the same thing on the other side. Create a wiggle at the end to make a tail. Go over with black paint on the tail (similar to making two small petals). 

Make two fins on the bottom, and a little bit bigger one on the top. Grab white face paint, and create the eye of the fish. Be sure your paint is dry before painting on the eyes and the rest of the embellishments. 

Add in some details behind the eye, by separating with a line. Paint some scales and make them big. The bigger the scales, the less you'll have to do! Finish the eye by adding in black for the pupils. 

Quickly go through with some basic highlights to add depth and dimension to your fish. 

If you want, you can also add waves around your fish. Alternatively, you can also add some bubbles. Kathy uses circle sponges for this effect. Dampen them, squeeze out the water, and load into a blue split cake. Weigh the sponge down and slightly spin in. This will give you 3D looking bubbles. Add a couple of dots around the big bubbles to complete the effect. 

Sea Creature Design #4: Dolphin

Dolphin Face Paint Design

The dolphin face paint design is another one that's really easy, as long as you use the right brushes! Kathy starts with a really flat round brush (an 8 or a 10), and loads it up with a blue face paint. 

Kathy recommends that for face painting, you should always use synthetic brushes.

Make a really big teardrop on the side of the eye, and add in some white face paint. Make another teardrop continuing from the previous one and going down. Create two fins at the bottom, and one on the side of the body. 

For this design, Kathy does a dolphin mask, where she replicates the look on both sides of the face.

Kathy now takes a Pretty Petal brush and loads it up with white. Load the very tip of that brush and load it with red. 

Lay down some petals in front of the dolphin's head. This will give a nice balance to your design. Finish the design with some small dots to give depth to your design. 

You can do this design on the cheek, around the eyes as seen here, or anywhere else on the body. 

Sea Creature Design #5: Seashell 

Sea Shell Face Paint Design

Take the same brush and split cake you used for the fish above and start by making the shell. Do this by making a nice long petal in the middle of the forehead. From the sides, make half petals, and two petals on the bottom in opposite directions.

Now use a blue split cake to add some wave like designs on each side of the shell. Come down on the side of the face to create some big teardrops. Finish off the design with some teardrops and dots. For this design, the focal point is the seashell. You should aim to have all of your teardrops aim towards the middle of the seashell. 

Now go ahead and add some highlights to your sea shell. Throw in some dots around the design to make it pop. 

Sea Creature Design #6: Mermaid

Mermaid Face Paint Design

For this design, Kathy uses a colorful split cake (green, blues, and purple). Load up your brush with the split cake and start making the tail fins by the corner of the eye (above the eyebrow). Form two big petal-like shapes. Bring the body down by the side of the face and towards the nose. This will be a similar design to the fish. 

Use darker blue split cake to make a little wave next to the water. This will be a "mermaid diving underneath the water", and you will not see her face or arms. This is a great design for those who have troubles painting faces and body parts. Use black to outline the body and the fins and make the scales. 

Grab some red or yellow paint to create the mermaid's hair. Finish off with some white teardrops and dots, and use Amerikan Body Art silver glitterover the scales and black outline - this will really make the mermaid design pop!

Sea Creature Design #7: Octopus

Octopus Face Paint Design

For this design, Kathy uses a sunset-like split cake (yellows, oranges, and purple). Load your brush up with the split cake and start at the forehead, making a nice round shape, filling in any empty space in the middle using the yellow. 

Make tentacle-like shapes (wiggly lines), from the circle, and down onto the face. The tentacles should go in all different directions, and most times, you won't have to do eight tentacles since there usually ins't enough room on the person's face.

Take a bigger brush and load it up with bright yellow. Add the suckers to the end of the tentacles (where the yellow shows from the split cake). 

Use white face paint to add the two eyes to the head. Use black face paint to outline the body, and be sure that the lines are very skinny so you don't lose the details. 

Dot in the pupils of the octopus, using black face paint, and give him some eyebrows and a tiny little mouth. Give your octopus some highlights as well to give it some depth. 


On behalf of everyone here at, we'd like to thank Kathy for showing us how to do sea creatures face paint designs and also thank you to all who joined on Facebook Live and on Zoom!

Stay tuned for our next webinar!