Webinar: Female Superheroes Face Paint Designs With Hannah (PTBarpun)

Owner of, Blake Cabot, is joined by Hannah, AKA PTBarpun, and she will be taking us through the joys of female superheroes! Learn how to face paint and body paint superheroes!

Design #1: She Hulk Superhero

She Hulk Body Paint Design

For this design, I'm using Kraze FX Neon Green Face Paint. I'm using a stipple brush, because it covers a bigger area (my arm in this instance). I'm not super worried in getting it really covered, because I'll be doing a lot of shading and a lot of layers.

I'm going to use Mehron Paradise in Lime Green, and a fluffy brush to do the muscle definition. I'm just going to be mapping out where the muscles are. This is going to be really comic-book like, so we can emphasize the muscles. 

I'm going to start to outline the muscle shadows in black face paint now. I have anatomy textbooks up, and I put my lighter color underneath, and then a darker color on top. I basically follow the anatomy textbook on where to place the muscles.

I'm just going to take some white face paint, but not make it super creamy. I will apply this at the highest points, in between the muscle definitions. 

Design #2 Wonder Woman Head Band

Wonderwoman Headband

I'm going to be using a flat brush and Mehron Paradise Gold Face Paint to draw a line across my forehead. So I have a picture of her headband up, and I'm following that design. I'll take a detail brush and map out where all of her lines are. 

I'm going to get my detail brush and try to map out some of the details. I'll be using black face paint to do this. 

I'll be using a black powder pigment to shade the headband. I'm just going to drag the shadow away by the lines to create depth. 

I always have a rag nearby to help with wiping down any mistakes or paint drips.

And this doesn't have to be perfect, because it's a more cartoon-like design, so if you make any mistakes, they're easy to fix! I'll then take a white face paint to add highlights to the design. 

PTBarpun Q & A:

Q: I've been painting for 5 months, and I seem to forget the dos and donts.

A: A lot of it is just intuition and muscle memory, so you really need to practice a lot. I stopped looking at face painters, and looked at art instead, which was easier for me. It can be discouraging when you look at really talented face painters, and you're not at that level yet, so looking at art, can really help. 

Q: How do you look up designs, or decide how to paint them?

A: If I'm doing a superhero, like Spiderman or Superman, I'll usually look up comics and follow that. When it comes to doing something like muscles, I'll look up the anatomy. I did a 9 hour paint of Captain Marvel, and I decided to do something hyper-realistic. 

Q: What should face painters know?

Follow someone you admire, and do designs you love to do. Also, practice makes perfect, so keep practicing. 

Materials Used in the Webinar:

Kraze FX  Neon Green Face Paint
Kraze FX Black Face Paint
Kraze FX White Face Paint
Mehron Paradise Lime Green Face Paint
Mehron Paradise Gold Face Paint
Mehron Starblend Cake Makeup

Fluffy Brush
Detail Brush