Webinar: Fast & Fabulous Bling Designs with Nadine Davidson

In this webinar, Nadine Davidson shows us how to do a few of her fast & fabulous bling designs!

Bling Design #1: Pink & Yellow Fairy

For this first design, we’re gonna do a fairy. I'm gonna load up some DFX Yellow and a little bit of this Superstar Cotton Candy Shimmer on a petal sponge. I’m just gonna put this over the eyes, with the yellow in the corner of the eye. I’m gonna make kind of a butterfly wing. Blend those nicely together. While that’s wet, I’m gonna take a little bit of white holographic glitter and spritz that on. 

So, coming up through the eyebrow here, and towards the temple is where we’re headed with this wing. Trying to make sure it’s even on both sides as much as possible. Little bit more glitter while that’s still wet.

And then I’m gonna take the Kraze Pink Rose Dome Split Cake on a Marcela Bustamante Long Angle ¾" BrushI’m loading the white on the tip of the angle brush. Start at the tip here by her temple and come down, but only about halfway ‘cause I’m actually gonna do a little half of the wing section here. The same shape I’m gonna do up here at the top. All of these lines when you’re coming down are all coming in towards the center – the focal point.

I’m constantly reloading just ‘cause I wanna make sure that I’ve got that nice solid color. I’m gonna do another wing section here. Then another one, this one’s just gonna come around at the base of her eye, almost coming down into the eyeline. Do the same thing on the other side. Smaller wing piece here. Longest wing section at the top. We’re not actually gonna do butterfly wings on the bottom.

I'm gonna take the pink on the base of the sponge here and just add a little bit of pink to the cheeks. We could even do the same thing up here (on the forehead), just to add a little bit of color. Add a tiny bit of glitter.

I’m gonna outline this using a Paint Pal Swirl #3 and I like these brushes ‘cause they have a super pointy tip so you can really get that nice thick to thin lines. I’m gonna use Global Strong Black to outline it. I usually just test it on my hand, make sure it’s not too wet. Outlining each portion of the little wing portions. Kinda thick to thin. I’m gonna do little swirls from the outside edges of her eyes. Add a few little details.

I’m also gonna line her eyes. I would skip this if it was a really young child. (If I was working on) a 3 or 4 year old, I’d probably skip this step. But I usually like to do the eyeliner, especially on the older girls. Keep the eye closed while that dries ‘cause you don’t want that to transfer up to the top of the eyelid. Do the same thing on the other side.

I’m gonna do a few little dots next. When you load your brush for dots, you wanna make sure you have a nice pool and a little blob of paint on the tip of your brush. Do more extra small dots coming out.

So, I have a bling that I pre-made here. It's made with Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint. If you go on my Instagram or my Facebook, I’ll have lots of little videos and tips on how to make bling. For these Tulip ones, I have to add glue to the back. I just use an eyelash adhesive called Quo. You could use Pros-Aide or anything like that. You just wanna make sure that it gets tacky.

Once it's on, I’m just gonna add a few little dots around here. The last thing I’ll do is lips. I’m just gonna do a pink lip. I never use brushes for this, I always use a makeup applicator that’s disposable that I can just toss when it’s done. And then I’ll just add a little glitter to the bottom lip. That’s it for our first design!

Bling Design #2: Purple Rose Princess

For this next design, I'm gonna be using a homemade split cake. I just made this myself. I’m just loading the bottom of the petal sponge with the white, the green, and the yellow. Take the sponge so that the white’s on the inside corner of the eye. Bounce that on. Same thing on the other side. Then, I’m gonna add a little bit of glitter while that’s wet. 

I’m gonna use this PBA stencil. It’s got a pretty little pattern on it. I'm loading a little finger dauber with Aqua Ocean glitter. We’re gonna do this right in the center. I’m gonna be putting a bling piece here so I’m gonna be covering this. I mostly want this top part of the stencil. Make sure you hold the stencil really nice and steady. I just dabbed a little bit of glitter on the tip of the dauber and added it while the stencil was still on. 

Using another Blazin brush, this one’s the ¾" Flat Brush. This is what I’m gonna create my roses with. And this is another Kraze Dome Split Cake called Orchid. For roses, you always want the white on the outside. Load this up really well. We’re gonna create some roses here. I did pink roses in your ad photo, so for this one, I’m switching it up a little and I’m doing some purple ones. I’m keeping these roses pretty simple. So, I’m gonna start it with just doing kind of a petal shape. One on each side. And then another smaller one further out, above the eyebrows on both sides. Do a small one on both sides. You always want your first coat of paint to be dry before you add a second layer for the roses. Close them up by making a cylinder shape. Like a large rose bud.

Add some little petals to the outsides of these. Swivel your brush when you’re doing these. Like you’re coming in and around. Then I’m going to add some more leaves to the sides of these rose buds. I’m just gonna use that same green which is called Superstar Flash Green. It's what I used on the stencil. Just flicking it out. Looks super simple.

I'm gonna do her eyeliner as well. I’ll use Global Deep Green on a #3 Round Brush.

I’m not gonna do too much line work on this. I’m just gonna add a few little white dots using DFX White on a Luxe Swirl #5 Round Brush Paint Pal. Load this up really well and do a few little dots 'cause this is meant to be fairly quick.

We’re gonna use a purple bling. This one's a medical tape. It just peels off on the back and it's sticky. That’s just gonna go right there (between the eyebrows) like that! That’s pretty basic. If you have lots of extra time, you could definitely outline everything in a really deep green, maybe. Kinda make it pop a little bit. But I kinda like it the way it is.

Bling Design #3: Edgy Steel Blue

This next design is a little bit different. It’s not really like a butterfly or anything like that. It’s just a fun design. I find that teens really like this and it’s fast and simple as well.

So, taking this petal sponge again and I’m gonna use Superstar Glitter White and I’ve got a little bit of the Ziva Blue Superstar and also a tiny bit of the Snow Petrol. Get this over the eyes. I’m gonna bring it up and blend it a little bit here by the temple. And then on the other side. Blend it really nicely. Try to make that as even as possible. We’re also gonna do a little bit in the middle (forehead) as well. Not too much. And maybe even just a tiny bit here on the cheekbones. And that Superstar Glitter White already has the glitter in it so I think that looks good. 

And then we’re just gonna do some line work to this, super simple. I’m gonna place my bling first. I’ve got another Tulip Fabric Paint piece of bling here. I already added glue to this so I’m thinking that’s kinda sticky. Put this right above (forehead). I like these bold, black ones.

I'm gonna use a Paint Pal Luxe Swirl #4 Brush. Load it up with a little of the Strong Black. We’re just gonna do some line work around the eyes. Kind of just a long teardrop here. And I’m gonna bring it around and do a swirly trail there. Just lightly, kinda coming towards the bling. And then we’re just gonna keep doing some teardrops coming around and make this a little bit pointy. Do the same thing on the other side. Some reverse teardrops. Kinda make it a little edgy. Then just on the top of this bling, I’m gonna do a little half circle. And then just some reverse teardrops coming up. Just gonna connect. Fill this with little dots. 

I’ll probably just do that same Petrol Blue on her lips. That nice, dark, kind of steel blue. A little dab of glitter on that bottom lip. And that’s kind of like a nice, simple bling design but it’s got a wow factor, right? You could line the eyes. Make it a little bit more dramatic, too. But yeah. That’s kind of one of my other really popular birthday party bling designs.

Bling Design #4: Pretty Unicorn Princess

I'm gonna add a little bit more of this Superstar Glitter White and a tiny bit of Superstar Shimmer Blue, just a lighter blue. I’m just gonna match this with the Kraze Unicorn Dreams Split Cake. I definitely tend to do the same things over. I usually just base color the eyelids, and then I’ll do the one-stroke around all of this. I’m gonna add a little bit of glitter to that.

So, I’m gonna use a pretty thick brush here. This is a Global Flat. It’s supposed to be a 1" but it’s a really big 1" brush. It’s kinda nice because with some of the one-strokes, you then can really get all the colors with these nice big, fat brushes. We’ll just load this up. Lining around the eye.

Just gonna do a little bit of pink on her cheeks. This is that Cotton Candy Pink again. And then we’ll just do some simple white line work on this, just following these one-stroke line works using DFX White and a Paint Pal Luxe Swirl #3. And then some simple lines. Do the line work teardrops (around the under eyes). Few little dots. 

Now we’ll just add a really pretty princess bling to this. This is another medical tape bling. Pretty simple but the little girls love these designs. And a little bit of magenta on the lips. Add some purple eyeliner, something to match. We could even go in and add a little bit more of this purple here and there (within the one-stroke). Alright, there we go! Pretty unicorn princess!


Products Used in the Webinar:

Diamond FX Yellow
Superstar Cotton Candy Shimmer
Petal Sponge
Kraze Pink Rose Dome Split Cake
Marcela Bustamante Long Angle 3/4" Brush
Paint Pal Luxe Swirl #3 Brush
Global Strong Black
Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint
Quo Eyelash Adhesive
PBA Stencil
Aqua Ocean Glitter
Blazin 3/4" Flat Brush
Kraze Orchid Dome Split Cake 
Superstar Flash Green
Global Deep Green
Marcela Bustamante #3 Round Brush
Diamond FX White
Paint Pal Luxe Swirl #5 Round Brush  
Superstar Glitter White
Superstar Ziva Blue
Superstar Snow Petrol
Paint Pal Luxe Swirl #4 Brush
Superstar Petrol Blue
Superstar Shimmer Blue
Kraze Unicorn Dreams Split Cake
Global Flat 1" Brush


Nadine Davidson Q&A

Q: How does adding bling change your design?
A: I think it really adds a lot of character and it really adds to the whole design. You can do some simple designs and if you add a really cool bling piece, it can kind of make it “wow”.

Q: How often do you torture your daughter with face painting?
A: *laughs* Too much, in her eyes, I think. But she’s a good sport. She lets me paint her far too often, I think. *laughs* More often than she’d like.


Thank you to everyone who tuned in to this webinar! Thank you, Nadine, for sharing your talents! If you missed it live, you can find the video at the start of the post, or watch it later on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more webinars!