Webinar: Fancy Masks with Jacqueline Howe



Blake: Hi everybody, I am Blake Cabot. I am the owner of And I'm here with, again, with the queen of glitter Jaqueline Howe. And she's gonna be doing some fancy masks for us. Masks are a good thing in this time and people could actually wear a mask and you could do a mask. So that's a good design to do at this time. And so I really appreciate you coming Jacqueline. And with that, take it away.


Fancy Mask Design #1: Geometric Mask 

I'm gonna use from the Kraze palette here this green that goes from green to yellow, it's a nice rainbow. And I'm gonna pick it up with the yellow on the tip. I like when rainbow cakes go from light to dark. And gotta pick up a little extra yellow there so I can make that nice contrast. So, I'm gonna go ahead and put that right over the eye and the other side. 


So this is the kind of geometric mask that was on the ad when you guys shared it. So, I'm gonna start with this and what I usually do is I turn the sponge upside down to get that dark color on the base and then just kinda blending it out. It's a lot harder to blend on these practice boards than it would be on face obviously. That's why we're going over this a little bit. Okay and this step you wouldn't have to do if you were facing an actual person obviously. 


And I wanna go ahead and I have this really beautiful color glitter. It's called Kelly Green and it could go really nicely over top of that green. So we're just gonna go ahead and apply it right on the eyelids. So every time I paint I always apply glitter. Usually it's the base and the glitter on the eyelids. 


Okay, so on the job these days you're gonna have to do things a little differently. You gotta make sure you use hygienic practices. So this actually is really nice because you can dip this in the alcohol or sanitized water and it'll disinfect that for you. Just like you would with your brushes.


Okay, I'm gonna actually go ahead and put some lips on her too. Of course, on the job you would not want to touch anybody's lips with your fingertips. You may use one of these smoothie blenders. Usually what I would do is spray it with little water, put it in there and the glitter and then dab it and then you chuck into a bag so like, you can wash them later. 


Okay, so from this point I'm gonna take one of my split cakes. So, I've been experimenting with some amazing Kraze paints and I'm falling in love with these Kraze paints. They're smooth, they're creamy. I've actually started creating these rainbow cakes. 


Blake: Yeah, Jacqueline's helping create some new split cakes for the Kraze line. And she's coming up with all sorts of interesting things.


Jacqueline: Letting the cat out of the bag, kinda early here.


Blake: It's very much in development.


Jacqueline: Okay, so this is one of the cakes. So right here, what I'm gonna do, we're gonna actually come out from this corner. So with this design there's gonna be some focal points obviously that end at the corner of the eye here. And what I want you guys to do is just pull and you're gonna make like a line going up. And then from there you're gonna pull all the way down and over. I'm just gonna do the other side the same way, down and over.


And then I'm gonna just do that one more time. Just reload it a little bit. And this time I'm gonna come out a little bit differently, a little further out and then just gonna overlap. 


Blake: Nice. 


Jacqueline: Then I go out a little differently and overlap.  I'm gonna do the same thing on the bottom and come out here. I'm also gonna go ahead and create the small one first and then overlap that one and then towards there. That makes a really interesting shape and is something a little different. 


Blake: Yeah, it's fast too.  I mean you could do that quickly. 


Jacqueline: Exactly. And you know if you don't feel like it, you don't have to do that base part. You can just do this if you want to do really fast line work.


So from here, we're gonna accent the middle. What we're gonna do is sort of press down to the right and then we're gonna press down to the left and we're gonna create a point here. And then right here we're gonna kinda overlap again like this and then again on this side. 


So there you go. See I'm all about doing practical on-the-job designs. I think it's beautiful when we can take our time and paint a lot of wonderful designs. But I also wanna create some designs that we can do quickly for work. And that's where the money is, you get paid to go out and do on-the-job designs. 


Okay, so at this point all we gotta do is some line work now. So basically I'm going to just trace everything. And don't worry about overlapping because you're just gonna trace all the lines that you just made. I'm using this very thick lines as I think they're very effective for this design.


Blake:What kind of brush are you using?


Jacqueline: This is a #4 Round Blazing Brush.


Blake: Got it. Someone asked what kind of paint are you using? So, this is a Kraze Face Paint. 


Jacqueline: Yes it is. It's this one, the split cake palette. And I'm using one of the new creations.


Blake: So it doesn't even exist yet? So we don't even have that. 


Jacqueline: Okay, we're gonna just kinda come out a little further from the corners here. We're gonna just keep doing the same motion. Just like you would do the teardrops, the middle one will be the longest. And then you're just gonna make a little "m" shape. And look at that you're basically ready for some chunky glitter now. 


You see how fast you can do this on the job and it's very effective. I am going to apply Glitz Glitter Glue because my creams for these boards kinda stick more to your hand than they do to the plastic. But this, I'm gonna go ahead and put the Glitz Glue which is actually the best way to apply loose glitter. 


I like to apply it usually on the upper part of the cheekbone and I put a little dab here and here where these almost like focal points are. And of course in the middle there's focal points right here and right here. 


So I'm using one of my favorite mixes. Here is a very beautiful green mix called Evergreen. I'm gonna go ahead and apply it right in the middle. So sometimes you can put a jewel but sometimes you don't need to put a jewel,you can just put this chunky glitter and it makes the same wow effect as a bling would do, when sometimes even more than a bling.

So there you have it. That is the first design.


Fancy Mask Design #2: Asymmetrical Mask

All right, so I'm gonna try to do one that's a little more entailed because I wanna make sure I get through it and not be the last one and not be able to do it. So this one,I'm gonna use one of-- another one that I created. So this is a split cake that I made using Kraze paints. 


They're beautiful, they're creamy, I love the way they blend together. I've been experimenting with different colors and shades and basically, like I said, I love very bold one strokes that would go from light to dark. I also like rainbows that go very drastically from light to dark so I made this cake that goes all the way to black. But it's got that pink, it's like basically the VIVID Glitter logo in a one stroke

Okay, so what we're gonna do here is we're gonna go up here and just make like a point right there. So I like to do asymmetrical designs and this is gonna be like an actual mask. There's different versions of masks, obviously. So this one, I'm gonna try and line up that angle a little bit with the middle of this design. And then come down like that. And then make a little loop there and a loop here. 


I know it doesn't make sense yet but you'll see where I'm going. All right, here, I'm just gonna go like that and bring it in. Well now that I see where I landed here, I'm going to connect this to there. I'm just gonna fill this in a little bit there. 


So this is the basic shape and then I'm gonna flip my brush a little bit here and make this light pink out like that. And then I'm gonna flip it back and then kind of like bring it in right here.


And then right here we're just gonna close it right there. So that's basically the frame. What I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna take the color that I want on the inside, which I think I'm gonna use yellow, and you're gonna fill in that area like that. 


So this is gonna be a half light and half dark background. Okay, so this is gonna be like the light side. And I like how when this mixes it kinda turns a little orange-y there on the edges. 


Then the first thing I'm gonna do after I apply the base over the eyelid is I'm gonna apply some of my amazing glitter over the eyelid. That little step right there just takes it up a notch higher. And then I'm going to take the other side and I'm going to try and make it a little bit of a more dark shade to add a purplish pink here, a magenta color. 


And then I'm gonna go ahead and do her lips. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take a not too big of a brush, I would say like a #3 Round brush and I'm gonna take a very dark blue. 


So this is the cool thing about this, it's a mask you don't want to have to follow the rules about the focal points as much because everything is framed around a mask. So I'm just gonna start right here and just go that way. And maybe I'll just kind of do this over here. Add some swirls. So this is gonna be my dark on light area.


I'm also just gonna do some random swirls here and there to make it look pretty. We're just going to put little swirls all over, okay? No rules. Well, we don't wanna go too crazy with the no rule thing. But you don't have to worry about all of those focal points, okay? 


Before I put away this dark blue, I'm going to do some design outside of the mask a little bit. Just like right here. I'm going to take this and just go all the way down. And just add a few swirls. 


I'm gonna do a swirl going this way and then another one here. And it's okay if you go over the mask a little bit because this is gonna give the feel like a feathery effect almost like how a mask would. Some of these masks have feathers and you know, it's gonna give you that effect there. Think I'm gonna go ahead and trace a little bit just to give a little shading.


This time we're gonna do the white over the dark area. And right here I'm just gonna do a nice long one. Like I said, just create your own new focal points here. Just have fun with it. Basically decorating the mask with swirls.


And so the last step we would do, you can go a little further and put like an actual flower here. But what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna put glitter. This time I'm going to use something called Gum Nebula. This is one of my really bright glow-in-the-dark mixes. I'm gonna go ahead and find my silicone applicator, dip it in water and spread it on. I'm gonna add some right here and probably put some in the middle as well. I don't remember if I put glue on that or not. But you know of course, on the job, if you have gleam cream you can simply just put it right over top of the paint. It won't reactivate your paint so you don't have to worry about it smearing the paint. It's nice, it feels nice and it's nice and dry. And that's it for that one. 


Fancy Mask Design #3: Green and Blue Mask

So, we're gonna do another design. This is the other one that was on the ad. So you wanna start with a blue cake. This one is an old one I have, I think it's Global Antarctica.


So the same I step as I did before, I always add some of that dark end on the middle and then just blend it out. Obviously, this is a piece of paper so it's a little more difficult to blend. But I don't wanna take up all your time trying to blend. So I'm just gonna leave it. And I bet you guys know what I'm gonna do next. This is a really pretty blue and it's called Columbia Blue fine glitter. I'm just gonna put that right over the eyelids as I usually would do. 


There's a nice stroke that you guys should practice and it's not hard. So right here, we're going to start in the middle and we're gonna just do something almost similar to the other one I did by creating that point there. But then I'm going to just go to the side and add a couple more like this, just kinda creating that little crown. And then right here we're just going to bring it down and to there. This is going to be the farthest out one. And notice how I'm leaving a little space between them, not too close to each other. I'm doing that on purpose. 


Blake: What brush are you using?


Jacqueline: It's 5/8" Long Angled Brush by Blazin Brush.


Blake: Okay. Let me get that.


Jacqueline: And then it's basically the same stroke I did here. I just flipped it upside down going up towards the top and then all pointing towards the middle. Right here I'm gonna go ahead and curve it in.


Blake: Is this an angled brush or a flat?


Jacqueline: It's angled. 


Blake: Got it.


Jacqueline: I'm gonna go ahead and blend that in a little bit to the bluer parts. I don't really want that sharp line there too much, okay. We are done with this purple.


Now I'm going to switch to another one of my cakes. And this one's got this nice bright blue on the end here. I'm only gonna pick up those three colors. I'm going to put it right in the middle underneath that purple, okay? So it's gonna go like that and I'm just gonna fill that in. We're just gonna add another layer so that's why I left some space so that we can put the new color in between. This is paper so it dries the brush a little bit faster. 


I think I'm gonna go ahead and add a little extra in the middle here. And why not throw one right there too? Actually let me go ahead and put her lips on while I have the brush. Load it up. It's dry. 'Cause we're painting on paper this time.


I'm all about vivid colors. Okay, so I'm putting a little glitter here. And like I said, I'm gonna highlight the cheekbone. And right here I haven't put my line work yet but I will in just a second. It's gonna be very simple but very effective. I'm gonna take a script liner, this is script liner #1, and It's one of my favorite brushes.


I think it's very effective when you have high contrast. That's what I'm all about. It's vivid, it's bold, right bold, brilliant high contrast. And so, with the lines you can have that too. This is the thin and these are very thick, right? So now, let's try to put the thin and I'm going to just make some long wispy teardrops coming in. Actually I wanna pull one, a little curve there. I'm gonna put some more here. 


And now we're just going to outline a little bit here. You'll need some eyeliner. I'm just gonna fill that in and do a little more over here. And some more wispy thin lines coming in over here. And now it's time for some sparkles. And for this one I'm gonna use Wild Bloom. I don't know if you guys got a chance to see the other webinar I did about glitter effects. I explained how I liked to organize my glitter by color. So this is my green stack. I basically just put in my stacks the glitter color that is most predominant so I can find everything a lot quicker in my kit. 


So there I'm gonna use that. And I'm gonna put some there, put some here to highlight the cheekbones and then again right there. And this design is actually pretty with a bling as well if you wanna add a bling in the middle. I think I have one here. Actually my daughter, she's going to be turning 11 in June, this month. So she decided to make some bling the other day and she made me a really beautiful bling. 


So you can just throw on a bling and that could be your design. So there we go. And of course you would glue that on. I'm not gonna bother right now, but as you can see there's your finished design. 


Fancy Mask Design #4: Practical & Pretty Mask 

I'm gonna go ahead and use a Fusion Fairy palette for this to do some of the base work. I'm gonna go ahead and use that bright contrasting pink here, the pink to purple one. Then I'll use this upper left one that I'm picking up right here. I might as well try the whole cake just to see how it works. So I'm going to do this part over the eyes. 


Blake: Which stencil is that? 


Jacqueline: I'm not using a stencil. This is actually comes with the block. It's the Ultimate Face Painting Block. 


Blake: Okay.


Jacqueline: It's by Svetlana I think? 


Blake: Yeah.

Jacqueline: That's the one that comes with a whole pad full of these. And it's part of it, it comes with it so you don't paint the eyeball.


Okay, so there's that. I'm gonna go this side. So I was saying, this is what you would think of when you normally think of a mask when you're doing face painting. It's like the typical, girly face paint mask. Alright so, I think what I'm gonna here is let's take the other end of that cake. See I've cut my sponges, I think we can even cut them further back to once we go on the job and we can only use one sponge per child.


All right so, here we go and I'm gonna pick up just the bottom half of that cake just so we can get a little rainbow. We're gonna start from the corner and work our way in. Interesting blend of colors here, very nice and bright. Now we're gonna do this side. And I think in the middle, I'm gonna go ahead and bring that blue-teal in the middle here. It looks nice. 


Blake: Mercedes points out you could laminate the image for extended use in practice. 


Jacqueline: Oh, that's such a great idea! Excellent idea! Thank you for letting me know because I was running out of certain girls that I like. Her skin tone is so nice and I only have one more left of her. But that is a fantastic idea!


So now we're ready for some line work. Actually I'm gonna put some glitter on her eyeballs and her eyelids. This time I'm gonna use a glitter called Kiss Pink, and look how bright and delicious that looks. 


And I'm sure you have these in your store. 


Blake: Yeah, we have a lot of your glitter. 


Jacqueline:My daughter made some bling so I'm gonna go ahead and see if this one would work good. Oh yeah, that one looks really good. So I just wanted to see where I would place that. Then I'm gonna put that aside for now. I think I'm gonna use white. I plan to use black but because her skin tone is dark. I'm gonna use white and I'm just gonna get a #4 Round for this. And basically I'm just gonna do some line work from this point on and then some chunky glitter.


I changed my mind, I'm gonna do black just because I see this color is very light.I really want the light color to pop because if I do white on white I kinda feel like it'll get lost in there. So I wanna go ahead and do black 'cause that's what I was planning to do originally anyways. 


Okay, so I'm getting a nice load on my brush here. You gotta make sure it's nice and creamy. And especially 'cause I'm working on paper, it always dries a lot faster. I'm just gonna do some of my line work and I'm just gonna kinda freestyle it a little bit. Going to the middle and then right here we're just gonna bring it up like that. We need to keep loading 'cause this is paper. 


Right here I think I'm gonna go ahead and make it very mask-like and just kinda go like that. Double up on that and just come right in. I'm pressing and I'm pulling. I think right here I'm gonna go ahead and make this angle like that. A small one just in the middle. 


I'll just do a few extra teardrops here. And then let's go ahead to the other side. I like doing my swirls in doubles. And you're just gonna bring that in a little bit. And we're going to do that again, nice and sticks there. Let's go ahead and throw another tear drop over here. Just kinda filling in this area. 


All right, here I actually can give you a little tip or nugget that I learned because before I would somehow get lost in this area when I was trying to determine where my teardrops were gonna be pointing because I would get confused. I would start pointing them like up here to this focal point. When I realized I have to actually point them to the focal point starting from here. Okay, even though you're really close to this corner here. Start pointing them over there the whole way and you're gonna see how much more beautiful your masks end up looking. So basically you're gonna start from there and make some long wispy ones. It's okay if it fades out. Usually, like right around here, I will come out and do a little twirl to kinda match what's going on up there. And then right here just keep working your way up. So before I don't know what would happen. I would just start going like this and then "wait where am I going?". And that just fixed everything when I started doing that. 


Okay, so I'm gonna start and make the really long one there. Try to be symmetrical and I'm just gonna keep going. Right here comes your hook and then you're just gonna go your way up. Okay, one here.  And I guess we can just put a couple more little guys here.


Blake: The question that was asked was what brush you're using?


Jacqueline: It is a #5 Round from Blazing Brush. And I'm going to do her lips. Let's go ahead and get a new clean brush. You don't have to do lips obviously if you don't want to or you don't have time. I think lips finish the job, it just brings everything together. 


Blake: Yeah, especially for girl designs I think that works very well. 


Jacqueline: Perfect. And now, 'course it's time to add the chunky glitter and I'm gonna drop the bling on. Okay, so look at that. Bam!


Blake: Yeah, now we're talking. 


Jacqueline: And now we're gonna add the rest of the glitter. Put a little bit right here, as I said, where you see focal points. And I like to sometimes spread a little bit around up here like in a little arch form. Let's see which one I'm gonna use. Oh, of course I'm gonna use Candy Cosmos. This is like one of the most amazing mixes because it's super bright and it's neon. It glows in the dark as well for your neon parties. Okay, so we're gonna just put a little bit of that around here and then a little bit here. And that just brings everything together nicely. 


Jacqueline Q&A

Q: One question I missed, do you get a little nervous putting chunky glitter close to the eyes? Do you have any thoughts about that?

A: I do not put chunky glitter on the upper part of this eyelid. I only put it below and like in the center area. I don't recommend it on the eyelids. It's made out of the same cosmetic-grade material but because it is chunky you don't wanna put it on the actual eyelid. Especially on young children because sometimes they rub their eyes. So, the worst thing that can happen if it gets in their eyes it just feels like a little, you know, if you get a hair in your eye or you know, something like that. It might bother them but it won't harm them because it's cosmetic glitter. But I don't recommend that you do put it on the peripheral part of the eye here, only underneath. 


And of course you need to use some kind of a good adhesive like the Glitz Glitter Glue. This stuff works so well, the glitter stays for hours and it won't wash off until you get some water and wash it off. So I hope that helped answer your question.