Webinar: Face Painting Flower Designs With Zuri FX

The owner of, Blake Cabot, was joined by talented face painter Zuri Johnson, also known as Zuri FX, in a live webinar to do some amazing flower designs! 

We are going to do some flower designs. These flower designs are very quick, so you can do them in less than 5 minutes on skin. Right here I have a brand new Kraze FX split cake palette and we're going to dig right into it, and we're going to use all the colors from this palette.

Flower Design #1: Pink and White Flowers

Pink and White Flower Design

So the first split cake I'm going to use is this pink and white one, which is called Blood Berry. Before we do that, we'll use a stencil and a dauber caked in white. I'm going to put my stencil down and make a few circles around the forehead and also on the cheek. So I placed the stencil circles around where I will place my flowers.

So I have a flat brush (you can also use an angled brush), but I'm going to start with the flat one. I'm going to dip it into water and load the brush up with the Kraze FX Blood Berry Split Cakeby going back and forth so that you collect all the colors in the split cake. So I loaded it, and made sure there were no bubbles in my pan, and there are a couple of bubbles, so I'll dab it on my towel and keep going.

So we're going to go right next to her eye and we're going to make the split cake come out, making sure the brush is not too wet. We'll also do one on the forehead, and just jiggle jiggle and bring it back. Then we're going right on the cheek area, and bring it out, jiggle jiggle, and bring it up. And do another flower right underneath.

We're going to let that dry, and we'll go on the other side of the face and do one right next to her eye. 

We're going to move on to the leaves. With the Kraze FX Lush split cake, I'm going to get the first three colors, I'm not going to take the yellow, so I'm just going to pick up the first three with my brush, going back and forth so I gather all the colors I need onto my brush. These leaves are going to be really skinny leaves, just because I'm trying to get in between the flowers, and I'm just waiting for my flowers to dry so I can put more details on them.

I'm going to start making them a little bit skinnier, bringing them out and just going around the petals. Next I'm going to do some lines coming out. I'm going to keep on adding some random lines going out to give it more detail. I've let the petals dry, so I will do the second step for the petals.

I will load my brush with the same pink split cake I used before, and I will go over the flowers again. This will give the illusion that the flowers are opening. Keep on doing this on the other petals.

Now we're going to go with a Paint Pal Silly Farm Pretty Petal brush and we're going to load up with white and I'll go in circle motions to load my brush. Make sure there are no bubbles, because if you see bubbles, you've used too much water. I'm going to use the tip of my brush to dip it into the pink from the split cake. I'm going to make a couple of flowers in between the petals. You always want to do five petals. Then we're going to drag some out above the eyebrow, and do the same thing on the other side.

Now we'll do our final detail and we're going to grab a Paint Pal Swirl 1 Brush and dip it into the white face paint. I'm highlighting my flowers just a little bit to give the design more pop. I always jiggle-jiggle my brush, to make it look more realistic. We're going to do a couple of teardrops and swirls. I'm going to do a swirl on the bottom and one on the top. I'm also going to add a few dots around the eye, and the pink flower design is finished!

Flower Design #2: Poinsettia

Poinsettia Design

This next design is very, very easy. We'll be doing Christmas flowers, which are poinsettias. I started off with a red and black face paint, and I loaded my red first, and then dipped the corner of the brush into the black. We are going to start with a petal on the top of the forehead. Poinsettias have a lot of petals, so I'm going to start with the outside petals first. I'm also going to do a smaller petal on her cheek. I'm going to do a smaller petal right in the middle of each flower. So now we have the outline of the flower.

I'm going to use a green split cake, Kraze FX Lush, loaded onto a flat brush (1/2") and gather all three colors from the split cake - green, light green, and yellow. So with the Christmas leaves, there is going to be a lot of jiggling action today. We're going to start at the top of the forehead, and I'm going to just make points to start, so I know where to place the leaves. Now it's time to connect the points. Make some leaves down on the cheek area as well.

Also, what you can do, is do some pine tree leaves. Now we're going to use red face paint to add on the little berries onto the leaves. Next we're going to outline the flowers, and we'll do that with black face paint. Nice and thin strokes will help your design pop. For this, I'm using a #3 Round Brush.

This look is good for any Christmas party, and you can add your own spin to it. Then I'm going to also add a little bit of an outline to the leaves as well.

The middle of these flowers are yellow and green, so I'm going to take a #1 Swirl Brush and load it up into the yellow face paint. We are simply going to put dots right in the middle of the flowers. Then we're using the same brush and we're going to load it with green face paint and do some dots in the middle as well.

We're also going to do some highlights, so I'm going to take a little bit of the pink, and we're going to highlight with pink and white. This will give your flower more detail.

Now I'm going to take the white and highlight the other side of the petals. And then you have the option if you want to outline your leaves, but I choose not to do that, because it will take a while. To make the berries pop out, add a small white dot in the middle. And the poinsettia design is now ready!

Flower Design #3: Black and White Flowers

Black and White Flowers

The next design I'm going to do will be a black and white flower. For this, I'll be using the Kraze FX Shark black and white split cake, and what I like about it is that the middle is a nice metallic silver, which looks really good.

I'm going to load up a sponge with the metallic silver, and I'm going to put it on the eyelid. We are going to take a flat brush and load it into the black and white split cake back and forth. We're going to do a flower right above her eyebrow and we're going to do more jiggles! So we'll go up, jiggle, come down, and do this for five petals. Do another flower right underneath the other one. Then we're going to move on to the other eye, and do a flower there as well.

Now we'll take the Pretty Petal Brush and we're going to make more petals. We'll go in with white face paint, make circles, and if you see bubbles, you have too much water on your brush. I'm going to then dip the tip of the brush into black face paint and make some petals. I'll also bring the petals down on the side of the eye.

We're going to let all of that dry, and we'll get our swirl brush and make some dots in the middle of the flowers. This design is very quick to do! Then we'll also do some teardrops and a swirl on the cheek. We'll also do a swirl on the other cheek, as well as some teardrops. And my favorite thing to do is to make stars, so I'll add a few of those, as well as some dots.

Lastly, I'm going to outline the flowers with white. As you can see, this is a very quick design to do! You can also put down some stencils if you want. 

Flower Design #4: Tiger Stripe Roses

Tiger Stripe Roses Design

The next design we're going to do is a tribal rose or a tiger stripe design. We are going to use a new split cake here, Kraze FX Sundown, which is a yellow, orange, and purple split cake, as well as the pink split cake (Kraze FX Blood Berry) we used earlier. I'm going to spray my split cake and I'm going to put my sponge in and go back and forth to make sure it gets all the colors. I'm going to go right in the middle of the forehead, and go back and forth with the sponge, and you have a nice round circle. We'll do another circle on the corner of the eye and one more on the other side.

I'm going to grab a smaller sponge now and we're going to load it up with the pink split cake. Make sure to spray your split cake, because if you dip your sponge in the water, it will be too wet, and you won't be able to use it. Go back and forth to load up your colors, and go in between the other circles.

Now I'll use the green split cake (Kraze FX Lush) and load it onto my brush. We're going to do some leaves in between the circles. I'm just going to do small leaves all the way around, so it's like a crown of flowers. So let's get on with the tiger stripe roses or tribal roses, whatever you want to call them! We're going to go in with black now. You can use black or you can use white for your stripes, and I'll use the #1 Swirl Brush from Paint Pal. So we start in the middle of the big circles, and we go lightly, press down, and lift up. And you're going to go in a circle, so keep in the same direction you started.

Now do the same thing with the other big circle, again starting in the middle. Do the tiger stripes in the middle of the rest of the circles. With black face paint, go ahead and outline the leaves. Next I want to outline the inside of the roses with white face paint and your design is ready!


Q: How do you clean your brushes in between different paints?
A: I use a little brush container where I have water, and I'll just clean my brushes in there. I also have a towel that I use to wipe off the brush. After I'm done with my paint, I thoroughly wash every brush.

Q: Do you find yourself critiquing as you paint kids?
A: I'm very confident when I have the menu, and the kids pick from the menu, and I know exactly what I can do and how long it takes. But there are gigs where things aren't on the menu, so then I critique myself.

Products Used in This Webinar:

Kraze FX Split Cake Palette
Kraze FX Blood Berry Split Cake
Kraze FX Lush Split Cake
Kraze FX Shark Split Cake
Kraze FX Sundown
Kraze FX Black
Kraze FX White
Paint Pal Silly Farm Pretty Petal Brush 
Paint Pal Swirl 1 Brush 
#3 Round Brush


Thanks to all who tuned in to this webinar, and keep an eye out for even more webinars coming up