Webinar: Eye Designs With Zuri Johnson

Today we are joined by makeup and face paint artist Zuri Johnson (Zuri FX), who will show us how to do some amazing face paint eye designs! These designs are great for kids and adults alike.

For this webinar, Zuri will be using the Kraze FX new line of face paints:

Kraze FX Fundamentals Palette
Kraze FX Split Cake Palette

#1. Festival Eye Design

Festival Eye Design

This eye design will be for a festival, and I will be using the black and white split cake from the Kraze FX split cake palette along with an angled brush. I'm going to take my angled brush, dip it into the water and load my brush. I use the tip for the lightest part, and darker for the lowest part of the brush. Go back and forth into your split cake until you feel that your brush is loaded the way you like. 

Since I'm painting on a practice board, I'm using a little bit less water than I would use on real skin. I'm going to make a big loop around the eye and another big loop, and then taper it down right underneath her eye. If you want to add glitter, you can do so at this point. This will make your design pop more and also help your paint dry a little faster.

Next, I'm going to do some double dip flowers. I'll be using the Pretty Petal Paint Pal brush, which is great for petals and flowers. Then I'm going to take the Kraze FX white and Kraze FX black. With the black, I'm just going to spray it with water and let sit sit until I'm ready for it. I loaded my brush with white and turning my brush to make circles - I don't want too much product or for it to get too wet. Next, I'm going to take my black that I sprayed, and just dip the brush into the paint.

I'm going to lay down the petals, the way I want the flowers to go. Then I want to bring the petals up above the eyebrow. Going down underneath the eye as well. I'm going to reload my brush with white, and then I'll use red for the tips.

When you do double dip petals, it's best to do the lighter color first, and the darker color on the tip.

I'm going to go in between the other petals now, so you have a variety of colors, which brings a nice look to the eye. If you're pressed for time, you can stop there, but I'll keep going.

Next I'm going to take the Paint Pal Swirl #4, and we're going to do some black swirls. Just do some simple swirls on top and on the bottom of the design to give it more detail. For this next step, I'll be using the Paint Pal Swirl #3 to do some white tear drops around the design. After the teardrops, I'll do some dots and some stars because those are my favorite, and I love doing them!

Adding some dots and stars will help to give your design a little more detail. You can also stop there, or you can add some glitter as well. You can use gel glitter or loose glitter. For this, I'll be using loose glitter.

#2. Dinosaur Eye Design

Dinosaur Eye Design

For this design, I'll be using the green split cake with my angle brush. This time, I'm going to put the darker side on the tip, and the light side on the bottom. If your paint is too wet, simply dab your brush and load again. Make sure there's no bubbles on your split cake.

So with the dinosaur, I cover the eye I bring the brush right above the eye and create a big dip, jiggling the brush all the way down and around underneath the eye. I'm going to fill in the eye area with the lighter color. Next I'm going to use the round brush Swirl 3 from Paint Pal with white face paint. I am moving on to the horns, because I'm waiting for the green split cake to dry. Go up and make a crooked point and fill that in. Do another horn on the side and fill it in. Lastly, do one more horn at the bottom. 

Normally on a child, I would be using a stencil, and I would use Bas Ass Stencils. I'll use black now to add some dots to the design. Make weird shapes to the design to create the skin of the dinosaur. Take the black and outline your design. Now use white face paint to add highlights to your design. This is a quick and easy design which should not take you more than 4-5 minutes!

#3. Unicorn Eye Design

Unicorn Eye Design

I am covering her entire eyelid in white, and then I'm going to make a big ear just above the eyebrow. Next, I'm going to use yellow and make a big horn on the side of the eye. Use a rainbow colored split cake and load a smaller angled brush with yellow, orange, and red. I will start at the ear and swing it down. Continue this 2-3 more times down the side of the face. This is your unicorn's mane. Next I'm going to take my brush and go in between the horn, going from the ear to the horn and conect those, finishing at the front of the horn, dropping it down.

On this stroke, I'm going from the ear, all the way down, covering some of the horn. Next, I will use my small round brush with Kraze FX pink and fill in the ear. I love this look because you don't have to draw the mouth and the eyes, which makes it easier! 

I could outline this with black, but I'm going to outline it with blue instead. I will load my brush with the Kraze FX blue and we're going to outline our unicorn. All of these eye designs are very fast, just a few steps, and easy for moveable kids. 

Outline the hair of the unicorn as well. For the horn, I will use a smaller brush to outline. I am using a small round brush, more of a detailing brush, which actually comes with the Kraze FX Palette. With any design with a horn, you want to make it look as real as possible. I will start at the tip, and make little "Cs". For this design, I did six little "Cs". On the other side, I will do just as many "Cs", but going the opposite way. 

I will now highlight, going over each stroke a little bit. Be sure to highlight the horn as well. Of course I will add some glitter, and I'll use some loose glitter. Again, you can use any color for the hair as well as the horn. An easy way to do a rainbow horn, for example, is to get your split cake, make a little triangle, and then on the bottom, make it a little bit bigger. And then you would fill it in as a horn. 

#4. Tiger Eye Design 

Tiger Eye Design

For this design, I'll use orange paint. To start off with, I'll load up my brush with white face paint. Go over the eyebrow and onto the side of the face. I'm going to take the orange, and bring it up above the white, and bring it down a little underneath the eye. Fill in the area completely with orange. We can even make it fancy and put some stencil work on the ends of the design. Sometimes I use this stencil for my Spiderman, but I'm going to do it for this design. This is a Badass Stencil, number 1310.

I'm going to take my sponge dauber, and I will attempt to stencil a little bit more detail to my design. I'm going to place the stencil in the corner, and use my dauber to dab it in. As I was doing that, I gave my base a chance to dry up a little bit, so I can layer right on top.

I'm using the Swirl 3 Round Brush, and I'm going to go in with some black. So this can be for boys and girls alike. I'm going to go ahead and outline the eye first. With the tiger stripes, you want to go light, press down, and press up, so it gives you a real looking stripe on a tiger. I have about five different ways of doing this tiger eye design, so you can also do your own unique version!

Let's do a couple of black dots to give it a little more detail. If you're pressed for time, you can leave it as is, but I'm going to add some highlights. I loaded my brush with white, and I'm going to go on top of my black stripes. 

#4. Neon Eye Design

Neon Eye Design

These are all Kraze FX neon paints, and this will be our next look. Neon face paints are great for bowling alley parties or roller skating rinks, basically anywhere where there would be a black light. So this is a nice festival look I like to do.

I'm going to pick up Kraze FX neon in yellow and make lines down the eyebrow. No teardrops, just lines, all the way around the ey. Next, I'm going to take pink and do some lines with the pink, right next to do the yellow lines. This design is very fast to do and is great for beginners. Now I'll use the orange, and I'll go next to the pink, making lines again. We'll use one more color and it'll be green. This can be done with a flat brush or a round brush. 

This is a great design for pre-teens and teens. Next I'm going to use a very small detail brush and load it up with black, doing lines next to the neon colors. Then I will add some glitter to my design, and the look is done! The more glitter you add, the better! 

#5. Festival Eye Design

Festival Eye Design

For this design, I'll be using Fusion's Leannes Collection Butterfly Palette split cake and my angle brush. I'm going to use the pink for her eyeshadow, and it's one big swipe across the eyes. I'm going to use a Paint Pal Deluxe Swirl 4, and we're going to do some tear drops at the corners of the eyes. I'm also going to do some stars around the eyes, on top and the bottom. 

This is a simple and quick eye design you can do with any split cake.

Zuri Q&A

Q: Do you ever use a dagger brush with your stripes?
A: No, I do not. But let me just say that everyday I learn something new with face painting. 

Q: What do you do when you have a kid with a small face and the stencil doesn't fit?
A: For a small face, I'll use just a corner of the stencil, instead of using the whole thing. Mostly, for tiny little faces, I don't use stencils. For Halloween though, it's great to use stencils, so it all depends.

Materials Used in This Webinar:

Kraze FX Split Cake Palette in Splash
Kraze FX Paint Palette in Fundamentals
Kraze FX Neon Paints
Fusion's Leannes Collection
Angled Brush
Pretty Petal Paint Pal brush
Paint Pal Swirl #4
Paint Pal Deluxe Swirl 4
Paint Pal Swirl #3
Bas Ass Stencils
Sponge Dauber

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