Watermelon vs. Pumpkin—The Sequel


Watermelon was obviously annoyed by pumpkin in my last post, so I just couldn’t leave them that way. (I hate bad feelings in the garden.) I thought perhaps if watermelon could let his little light shine, too, he might be happier. Obviously the jack o’lantern thinks it’s a pretty good joke.


Diamond FX neon white face paint
• TAG light green face paint
• TAG green face paint
• Global yellow face paint
• Global orange face paint
• Diamond FX black face paint
• Diamond FX white face paint
• Paradise brown face paint
• Paradise light brown face paint
• 1/2-inch flat brush
• #5 round brush
• #2 round brush


1. Form your pumpkin by double-loading your 1/2-inch flat brush with orange and yellow. Mine caught a touch of red on the side, too, but it blends in, so don’t worry if that happens.



Fill in the center with two more curves on each side, ending with the center section with yellow together in the middle.


2. Double-load your flat brush with light green and a medium green and make an egg shape for the watermelon, filling in the center with curves that go end to end.


Lift out the paint from where you’re going to put in the watermelon’s and jack o’lantern’s facial features with a clean, damp brush.

3. Add some vines, leaves, and the pumpkin’s stem using your medium and small round brushes.


4. Now you’re ready for the really fun part of this design. Mix some of your Diamond FX white with Diamond FX neon white and fill in the eyes on your watermelon. Mix Paradise yellow with the Diamond FX neon white and place a candle with a burning flame on top of the watermelon, and fill in the eyes and mouth of your pumpkin. Add a few highlights with the yellow/neon white mixture for the pumpkin. Add some highlights to the watermelon with the white/neon white mixture.


5. Finally, do your black outlines using your #1 round brush and Diamond FX black (or your favorite lining black).


6. Regular lights out. Black lights on.


Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.