Video: Blacklight Pop Art Face Paint Design Tutorial

 The "pop art" themed designs had been around since the 50's and thrives unto this day especiall in face painting! 

This style of art is very rewarding especially when done correctly. Here's our take on the famous pop art theme! 

Face paints needed:

  1. Black
  2. Neon Pink
  3. Neon Orange
  4. Neon Yellow
  5. Neon Green

Actual face paints used in the video are Graftobian Raven Black, Shocking Pink, Atomic Orange, Electric Yellow, and Radioactive Green. 

Tools needed:

  1. #6 round brush
  2. #1 round brush
  3. Sponges
  4. cotton swabs

Create the Design

1. Cover the whole face with Electric Yellow and a sponge.

2. Paint the lips with Shocking Pink and #6 round brush.


3. Cover the eyelids with Radioactive Green using a sponge.

4. Create eyeliners on the lower eyelids using Radioactive Green.

 5. Cover the whole face with polka dots with some Atomic Orange and some cotton swabs.

6. Draw the comic-like details such as eyelashes, eyebrows, cheekbones, lip outline and face outline with #1 round brush and Raven Black.

7. Outline the hairline with raven Black and #6 round brush.

8. Highlight the hair with some Shocking Pink using a sponge.

9. Add more highlights on the hair with Electric Yellow.

10. Outline the hair streak with Raven Black using a #6 round brush.


Final Look

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