Valentine's Balloon Heart Face Paint Video by Alfia


Check out this adorable balloon heart face paint design, that's perfect for Valentine's Day! 

Colours used:
Diamond FX Metallic White
TAG 1-Stroke - Dragon
Global Colours Red
Global Colours White
Polyester Glitter Silver

Tools used:
Angle Brush 3/4 Inch
Angle Brush 1/2 Inch
Loew-Cornelle #3 Round Brush
Loew-Cornelle #4 Round Brush
Blazin Brush # 1

Valentine's Balloon Heart Face Paint by Alfia
Valentine's Balloon Heart Face Paint by Alfia

My name is Alfiya and I have been living in Spain or many years. From early childhood I loved to draw but never studied art, I was always self-taught. I occasionally painted pictures until one day in 2016, by great coincidence, during one holiday I was asked to paint a lot of boys and girls - it was a panic situation for me, painting 45 constantly moving children's faces and I was alone and without the skills for it! But that day I realized that it is exactly what I really would like to do in future. Hope you enjoy my work!

With love, Alfia