Unicorns Monthly Challenge

A unicorn is a legendary creature that has been a part of literary culture and even modern pop culture. Unicorns are usually attributed with magic and various mystical phenomenon. So, when you see one, you sure are in a magical place. 

Just like when we ran the Unicorn face paint contest - full of magical entries! But, one entry was the most magical of all.

The Unicorn Winged Mask

"My inspiration for doing this design was the flower fairy by Olga Murasev"

According to our winner, her inspiration is Olga Murasev's flower fairy design. Our judge noticed the best aspects of her design such as the precise lines, excellent placement of the design, and a lovely unicorn shape. Plus, the colors and the glitters make the design more magical. 

For the design, she used mainly Superstar paints and Diamond Fx for black linework, She also used Loew Cornell and Mark Reid brushes.

The Artist Behind the Design

Belen Canosa has been face painting for about 7 years and started as a hobby. Although she still considers face painting as a hobby, she is doing it as a part-time job. 

You may check out her work in her website and social media.

Here are some of her awesome work : 

Contest Entries