Tutorial: Tardis-Inspired Halloween/Fall Eye Design

You never know what is going to be requested of you when you’re face painting, and if you’ve been stumped in the past by a Dr. Who fan, this design is for you. The tree on the side gives it a Halloween/fall flavor as well, so for this time of year, it’s perfect. For an extra cool effect if you’re at a party with black light, use Diamond FX neon white mixed with Diamond FX regular white to make it glow.


Silly Farm Brilliant Bling, Sparkle Dust, or Mermaid Pixie split cake (or your favorite metallic split cake)
Mehron Paradise Dark Blue
Diamond FX or Wolfe White
Diamond FX or Wolfe Black
#1 Round Brush
#2 Round Brush
#4 Round Brush


Begin by sponging your split cake over the eye area back to the hairline. I used Mermaid Pixie for this, but any metallic split will work. I also like Kryvaline Glowgaze and Silly Farm’s Brilliant Bling. Just make sure the lighter color is on the inner eye and the darker colors are on the outside by the hairline. If you like cosmetic glitter for added sparkle, add that now.

Using your #2 round brush and Paradise dark blue (which is, in my view, the definitive Tardis color), create the rectangular Tardis shape. I used two point perspective and came from the corner of the Tardis rather than a straight on side shot, but either is fine.

Outline your Tardis lightly with white and add the windows. To keep this design practical for events, you’re not going to go into a great deal of detail, but just suggest the details.

Using black and your #2 or #4 round brush, paint the tree on the corner of the eye with it’s tangled, leafless branches stretching over the eyebrow and eye. At the base of the tree, paint some grasses and roots.

To make the Tardis stand out a little from the sky, add a slender black line around it.

Use your #1 or #2 round brush to create lightning coming out from the Tardis. In case you’re not a Dr. Who fan, this is the Tardis going through the time vortex, and it’s important to know if you’re actually painting the Tardis. (Actually I’m kidding. You didn’t need to know that.)

Add stars to the background with white and a small round brush. Also, add a little white highlight along the tree branches and grasses on the side that is facing the Tardis.

Remember if you use the neon white for the time vortex, stars, and highlights, you may want to mix in a little regular white face paint so it’s more visible in regular light. The neon white tends to be quite sheer, and while it shows up great under the black light, you can’t see it well in regular light.

Enjoy your Tardis design!

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. Stop by to see other face painting tutorials by Beth. 

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