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Not every white seems to be perfect for every job. Some are good for line work others are better for blending - let's find out what is the best white for you! sells dozens of different brands black face paint, so which one should you to choose for your kit? This blog will definitely help you decide...
In this quick tutorial, face paint artist Marina, shows us how to remove tough face paint stains, and it's actually easier than you'd think!

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The Pantone color of the year 2019 is “living coral.” According to, living coral is “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” I immediately thought of coral colored Flamingos and decided to create a design using the Pantone color of the year.

As most of my designs, this one is great for "on the job." Cartoon animal designs are great way to go when we can't spend much time on detailing, and little kids even prefer them more then realistic ones

Dragonflies are beautiful and intriguing with their shiny metallic bodies, bright colors and wispy wings. People love to have their faces painted with designs of these awesome insects.
This past January, our monthly Design Challenge was Flowers, and you did not disappoint! Our winner really stood out, an amazing combination of painted and faux flowers. Winner Natalia Kirilova was inspired to create this design by her love of flowers.

With that being said let me take you through this family story... They have two girls and baby boy is coming! Mom to be wanted her belly paint tell a story so we have her with girls on swing and daddy is waiting his "partner" for football.


This belly painting design is bright and colourful, perfect for a beautiful and special memory of this magical moment. I hope this step by step is helpful and useful

When it is cold, dark and windy outside I like to dream of warmer tropical weather. The tropical sunset colours just makes me so happy. This design will make every girl dreaming of a vacation, and will bright up the day. 
Painting flowers is always fun especially when face painting. There are endless floral options. I hope you enjoy my gold traced lily design.
Follow along with Crystal to create this beautiful sunflower face paint design that's great for on the job as well as for beginners.
Looking for a super quick and yet delicate flower design? The cala lillies design is one of the most popular designs for girl of all ages!
This tropical hibiscus flower is a popular eye design I often do and it is done quite quickly. The technique is one stroke so it gives you some really nice petals and leafs in to time.
Time for some AIRBRUSH awesomeness! Kellie Burrus shows us lovely and amazing blacklight design using airbrush, some stencils, some glitter, and blacklight activated paints!