Baby Chick with Spring Flowers by Melissa Perez

With spring upon us I couldn't think of anything sweeter than baby chicks and spring flowers. Also makes a cute Easter face paint design and can be customized for who ever your canvas may be. Happy Spring!



Kryolan Yellow

TAG Leaf Yellow One-stroke 

Wolfe White

Wolfe Black

Global Dark Blue

Diamond FX Orange

Chunky Glitter

Jest Paint Splash Droplet Sponge

Loew-Cornell Flora brush #6

Loew-Cornell American Painter Round #1

Loew-Cornell Angled flat #5

Loew-Cornell American Painter Round #2


Step 1: Load the tip of your Droplet Sponge with Yellow. Starting between the eyebrows create a yellow circle with a smaller circle on top. Add small circles on the upper cheeks near the corners of the eyes. Make sure you leave space for petals as to not crowd the eyes. 


Step 2: Using your angled flat load your green one stroke. Start with a large leaf type teardrop shape on each side of your baby chick. Add a smaller ones anchoring the larger ones. Add some leaves next to the yellow circles on the cheeks. Load your Flora brush with White and create the petals coming out of the yellow circles on the cheeks.


Step 3: Add wings in Yellow using an upside down teardrop. Load your flora brush with white, wipe the tip then load the same brush in the global dark blue. This will help you create the double dipped flower look. Add the double dipped flowers coming out from between the leaves and over the eyebrows to help bring the flow down on to the sides of the eyes. With a round #1 loaded with Orange add feet and a diamond shape for the nose.


Step 4: With a round #1 loaded with Black draw two small side way C shapes, just slightly above the beak, add a few lashes. Next load a # 2 with yellow and add teardrops above the eyebrows and coming out the sides of the flowers.


Step 5: With a #1 round loaded in Brown outline your baby chick and the green leaves. Using the same brush stipple the insides of your Daisies with dots in various sizes. Partially outline the center of your flower to help define it. 


Step 6: Load your #1 with your Dark Blue and outline your design. Add a double swirl coming out of the daisies just under the teardrops. With your small round add highlights and white dots on the cheeks and above the eyes to add interest to your design.


Step 7:Last step is optional but encouraged! Add chunky glitter coming from the wings to show the baby chick was tossing it in delight. 

Tip: Outline with Pink or Purple for a more feminine feel. Add flowers, little butterflies, or stars to make it your own. The sky is the limit!


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