Stamps & Stencils…What’s The Deal?

Stamps and Stencil Face paint

You’ve ordered a brand new set of face painting stamps or stencils and you are pumped.
Your package finally arrives and you can’t wait to try out your new tools.
The moment has arrived and you find a willing (sometimes unwilling, lol) model that is going to let you practice those new stamps and stencils.


Stamps and Stencil Face paintBut something isn’t right, your finished result is a runny yucky mess and that cute spider just looks like a blob of messy colors.
Well don’t worry cuz it’s happened to the best of us. Here are 3 easy  tips I’d like to share with you that will bring that bobby paint mess to a cute recognizable shape.

Stamps and Stencil Face paintTip #1. Consistency is key

The absolute, most important rule you need to follow is getting the right consistency of paint. Your water/paint ratio should be your #1 priority. Too thin and you have a big mess, too think and your paint doesn’t show up or is uneven.

Stamps and Stencil Face paintTip #2. Practice

The key is practice! You will want your paint to have a tacky/sticky consistent to get the best results.

Tip #3. Discover what works best for you.

Start with 1 spray of water and rub your sponge or stamp evenly on your paint several times until it’s fully loaded with your paint. Add more water until you find the consistency that works best for you.
(Test it on your hand or arm to check the consistency.)

Stamps and Stencil Face paint

With a little bit of practice, you can master this skill and add another level to your face painting.

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Stacey Perry, aka Sistahmatic! is the owner of and primary face painter forPeekaboo Faces by Play and Learn With Me located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for

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Monster Face paintPhoto Credit: Stacey Perry