Spring Belly Painting by Marina Krmek

Spring Belly Paint by Marina

Belly painting is special part of our service it lets us create memories for the whole family. Before we begin painting this Spring-inspired belly design, let me share with you few things to keep your mind on:

  • Mom to be needs to feel comfortable, let her have a break whenever she needs to, advise her to walk, stretch, have a snack.
  • Try keep designs simple - something you can paint within maximum of two hours, preferably less (that is my experience).
  • Talk to the mom about elements she wants to have before painting day, so you can be prepared, or even practice the design, that saves much time.

With that being said let me take you through this family story... They have two girls and baby boy is coming! Mom to be wanted her belly paint tell a story so we have her with girls on swing and daddy is waiting his "partner" for football.


Product used

Tag dolphin split cake

Global Carnival palette

Tag Leaf Yellow

3/4 flat brush

No3,No6 round brushes

Substitute for Prima Barton Emu cake-silly farm Teddy bear

DFX black,white,magenta


Step 1

Always do the outline for for design with mom to be standing because when sitting, the belly changes shape which can affect whole design appearance. I'm using cakes from the Global Carnival palette.


Step 2

After basic outlining, paint the background of our Spring belly painting design. For sky I'm using a sponge and TAG dolphin cake, going over in a circular motion to give the sky more dimension. For grass do the same using the TAG split cake Leaf Yellow.


Step 3

At this point my mom to be sat down, and you can see how the belly shape is changed. Using my 3/4 flat brush and Prima Barton Emu cake I painted a tree and branches. I really love using split cakes, they are such time savers!


Step 4

With same brown split cake and 3/4 flat brush paint a swing. Don't forget to take a break! Now I used black and No 3 round brush to paint silhouettes. Not having to paint detailed small faces is definitely less time consuming but still effective.


Step 5

Last step was adding double dipped flowers with a round No 6 brush, and a few details on the girls' hair with same brush and color. With a flat 3/4 brush and two shades of green from Global Carnival palette, I added bit more "grass" texture.To get that effect just press tip of the brush (whole length )and tap it around creating little grass clusters. And our Spring belly paint design is finished!


Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!