Spidey-Inspired Bubblehead Tutorial

2015-05-07 BubbleSpideyStepFinal

No superhero series would be complete without Spiderman, so this time I decided to give him a try with a Spidey-inspired bubblehead design. If you’ve done any type of Spiderman image before, you’ll find this one especially easy.


Paradise red face paint
Diamond FX white face paint
Diamond FX black face paint
#1 round brush
#3 round brush
#5 round brush
Round sponge


1. Using your round sponge, roll it so that you create a ring of red face paint on it but with no color in the center area. I used the sponge to give me the bubblehead shape, but since it’s difficult to paint white over red, I only want an outer rim when I put it on the face.

2015-05-07 BubbleSpideyExampleSponge

2015-05-07 BubbleSpideyStep01

2. The next step is to use your #3 round brush and Diamond FX white to make the eyes. These will be curving teardrop shapes. After they’re in place, you can fill in the red with your #5 round brush, which also is a great size for creating the fingers and hands.

2015-05-07 BubbleSpideyStep02

3. For the details which come next, it’s easiest to outline with your #1 round brush, going around the fingers, eyes, and the head.

2015-05-07 BubbleSpideyStep03

In keeping with Corey Morgan’s suggestions, I tried to make sure the eyes were a more authentic shape.

4. Again with the #1 round, you can add your webbing for the face. If you’ve studied Corey Morgan’s amazing superhero face painting art, you may remember that he doesn’t always add webbing to the face, but sometimes just adds dramatic shadows. This will be your preference, but I decided to put the webbing in, since it didn’t take long.

2015-05-07 BubbleSpideyStep04

5. The last step for our Spidey-inspired bubblehead is to add some webs shooting out of his hands and a little highlight on his head.

2015-05-07 BubbleSpideyStepFinalA

And you’re finished!