Easy & Beautiful Snow Globe Face Paint Design by Marina Krmek

A snow globe is a transparent sphere usually made of glass enclosing a miniaturized scene of some sort, often together with a model of a landscape.They have water inside the globe that serves as the medium through which the "snow" falls. For me, they are magical and beautiful so let's go and paint one!

Step 1: Painting The Glass Ball

I'm going to use a petal sponge to create a nice globe shape. Squeeze the sponge with your fingers to create "round" shape (as seen in the picture below). First load the tip of the sponge with Kraze FX Metallic White and then use dark blue and metallic silver.

Step 2: Creating a Base For the Snow Globe

A short flat brush is perfect for painting the base of our snow globe. Load it with two different shade of brown (first two under the black) from Paradise Prisma Furry cake making sure the darker color is on top.This way with the one stroke, we are creating some shade under the globe.

Step 3: Painting a Tree

Prima Barton Flora #6 brush is loaded with Kraze FX White, and then I remove some paint on a dry tissue so I can get those uneven ends. Start from the top of the tree by just pressing the tip of the brush once, and the second row we press the brush two times, going left to right, and for the last row, we are pressing three times and we have great tree in just a few strokes!

Step 4: Adding a Little House 

We have that Furry brown paint on our short flat brush so with that we are painting a house, then add snow on the rooftop with a round brush no3 and Kraze FX WhiteAlso add some snow around the house. Swipe some highlights on the base of snow globe to give depth and dimension.

Step 5: Details Inside the Globe

Now add some dots or stars and highlights to our snow globe with the same round brush no3 that is loaded with white.

Step 6 - Finishing Up

When I need to paint big teardrops, I love to use a big filbert brush. For me, it is the simplest way to get that perfect teardrop shape.

First, I painted with Kraze FX White and then swiped the tip of the brush over Superstar Petrol Blue, going over the white teardrops. Load a Tsukineko Jumbo Dauber with white and with tip of the dauber, also go over the petrol blue, because that will give our snowflakes and stars dimension.

Place the snow stencil where you want it to be, and tap lightly. It doesn't show well in photo, but I added some Mama Clown iridescent white glitter inside of the snow globe. If you want to add some dimension, you can also add a shadow with Black Starblend.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will try this design and love it as much as I do. If you paint any of our blog designs please tag us so we can see it.


Kraze FX White 
Kraze FX Metallic White
Paradise Prisma Furry
Mehron Starblend Black
Dark Blue
Metallic Silver
Mama Clown Iridescent White Glitter


Petal Sponge 
Prima Barton Flora #6 Brush
Short Flat Brush
Round No3
Big Filbert Brush
Snow Stencil

Snow Globe Face Paint Design


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