Tutorial: Simple Ladybug Line Buster


Today I would like to introduce you to my double-dip Ladybugs.



I start out with the cloverleaf on the cheek so the paint has sufficient time to dry.

Load the big flat Flora brush in TAG regular green and double dip in Global lime green. Lay the brush down twice for each leaf so that the single leaves look like green hearts. Use the same load to draw a little stem.


With the smaller round Petal brush load Wolfe white and double dip in TAG pearl pink. Now place two simple double dip Flowers on the forehead. You may draw a thin white line to help with the flow or skip this step if you feel comfortable without.


Load the round petal brush good with red and to about a fourth with Wolfe black. For this step it is very important that the black has been activated before you dip in.(If you go into the black cake without activating first, the red from the brush will turn the tip brownish instead of solid black). Now you are ready to lay down your ladybugs like petals in one line. Make sure that you turn your brush a little with every bug (brush stroke) you lay down so that the black does not fade out too much and covers nicely.

Don’t forget to place a ladybug on the cloverleaf on the cheek.

You dip the round brush no1 into black and draw one line straight thru the middle of all bugs and place black dots on the wings and 4 dots each for legs. You load the small round no1 brush with white and add the white dots and highlights on the wings.

Please see the step by step picture in the photo collage?

You can line up Ladybugs like this in so many variations, with or without the cloverleaf on the cheek or integrate both designs into a cute arm design as well. It’s a quick design that every little girl will love.