Rose Painting Techniques Video by Kellie Burrus

Painting flowers is a standard part of face painting. It is almost impossible to not have a flower request in a face painting gig or event. 

One of the most requested flowers is the rose. It might look very complicated at first but after you've learned the basics and the technique, you'll be able to paint roses with ease and confidence.

Kellie Burrus has prepared this video to show you some of her techniques in painting roses.

Today we're going to be demonstrating how to face paint four different roses.

One Stroke Rose

Right now I'm going to do one of the more common roses, which is one stroke. And I usually just go around and build some petals with my angled brush and my Paris by Global One Stroke, which I like. It has a nice purple, pink, and white. I usually do a little half circle there on top of the petals, and then I do another one on the bottom to make the center of the rose.

After that, I start from that little centerpiece, and I just flick out to build more three dimensional petals. You can keep doing them, pulling them into each other so that it looks like they're going under one another, or over one another. So that's one quick, one stroke rose!

Flat Rose

Another kind of rose you can do, you can choose to do a red rose. From here I just come to the center, do a C and then another C facing in. Then I try and remember wherever it's open, just drag lightly, and then press a little bit more. Then just overlap it, and this has more of a different feel, like you're looking down onto the rose. You can also fill in with some black or anything like that.

Tattoo Rose

Then, you take your red and just fill in a whole area. Then you take a nice round #3 brush, load up some black, and make the center of the rose to make one petal. Just go around to create more petals, overlapping each other. If you have time, you can do some nice shading.

One Stroke Rose Bud

Lastly, another kind of rose is a little bud that we can do with a one stroke. Do a little half moon, and make sure it's dry before moving onto the next step. Then you want to close it up at the bottom, and go on either side to create small petals.

And there you are: four different roses!

Products Used in the Video:

Global One Stroke
Red Face Paint
Black Face Paint
Angled Brush
Round #3 Brush

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