Easy One-Stroke Grinch Mask by Annabel Hoogeveen

With the release of the new Grinch movie this year, I wanted to create a child friendly, on-the-job Grinch mask: quick, easy and without paint on the eyes or mouth.

It became a blend between the old Grinch with all his wrinkles and the new 'sweeter' version, with the little nose and softer green brows, using only one split cake and some white. 

Especially suited for the little ones.....but also very nice for the older boys who love to play with their eyebrows 🙂.



Global Funstroke 'Amazon'

PartyXplosion White

Kryolan Dream Blend Chisel Brush
  (sub 1/2" Filbert Brush)

Loew-Cornell Round Brush #3

Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit by Léa Selley

Wiser's Graffiti Madness Stencil Kit

Sponge Dauber

Cameleon Blending Brush #1 (optional)

Baby wipe (optional)


Step 1: The one-stroke base

Load a wide chisel brush with your split cake and paint a mask shape, keeping the darkest color on the inside and the lightest color on the outside.

Add the central fluff and paint the tip of the nose.


Step 2: Outline, wrinkles and eyebrows

Load a round brush #3 with the darkest color of your split cake and outline the entire mask and nose.

Add the eyebrows and the wrinkle lines on the bridge of the nose (extending them a bit unto the cheek). If you want, add a few darker lines in the central fluff too. 


Step 3: Adding texture

Use the Graffiti Eyes stencil and a sponge dauber loaded with the darkest color in your split cake to add some texture on the cheeks beneath the mask and next to the central fluff.

Take Wiser's Graffiti Madness stencil to add another, but similar texture, on the mask itself and the nose. Use different shades from your split cake to create a more interesting effect. If your lightest color isn't bright enough, mix it with a little bit of white.


Step 4: Blending (optional) and highlights

If you want, you can add a bit of 'shading' behind the wrinkles and on the sides of the fluff. Moisten a blending brush on a wet wipe and go over the dark green (contour) lines to fade them out a little bit, creating a kind of shade. You can also use this method to fade out some of the lines of the eyebrows in case they are too visible.

Final step is adding a few highlights with regular white, using the same round brush #3.


Love to see your versions! And I hope you have as much fun with this design as we did 😁!


Annabel Hoogeveen is the owner and founder of 'Blije-Snoetjes Kinderschmink', a Facepainting company and school in the Netherlands. She is painting for about 10 years and is passionate about teaching others how to facepaint, 'because the more face painters there are, the more kids we can make happy'.

Annabel likes colorful and easy 'on-the-job' designs. But, as a former vet, she also has a passion for painting realistic 3D animals.

She is an instructor at Olga Murasev's International Face Painting School (, has written several Facepainting blogs and recently won the 'Black Panther' competition here at

You can see more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook pages.