Purple Calavera Face Paint Design by Natalia Kirillova

    There is probably no more iconic symbol for Day of the Dead than the skull, or “calavera”. The calavera is usually an ornately decorated representation of a skull, often featuring flowers, animals, and other decorations. During the holiday, this imagery is seen everywhere, from Ofrendas, to paper crafts, and even to cartoons on newspapers. In a way, the calavera has become an embodiment of the holiday itself. In my step-by-step tutorial, I decided to show you how to create a mask using a stencil and the one stroke technique.

     Purple Calavera Face Paint Design Tutorial

    Step 1

    Load a sponge  in a Pearl Fairy White color and outline the drawing. I take a pearl color and not just white, because it is easier to fall on the skin, it is easy to blend.


    Step 2

    Using a Pearl Purple Magic color and a Stencil - Mandalau, we create a pattern on the forehead and shade the edges of the mask with the same color to create a more Bohemian effect. Then use an angle brush and Cake - Rich Orchid to draw the side of the petals in the one stroke technique, the dark color is placed on the outside of the petal.


    Step 3

    I also drew a few petals on the top of the drawing. I use the same Cake - Rich Orchid cake to circle the tip of my nose.


    Step 4

    Using a Round No.4 Brush and a Prime Deep Purple color, circle the entire mask. I make lines of different thickness, the line narrows to the edge, which makes our design more interesting and harmonious.


    Step 5

    At this stage, I decided to add beautiful elements to the mask, such as petals in the double-dip technique and ornate patterns similar to mehendi. Paint Pal Pretty Petal Brush is perfect for petals. 


    Step 6

    At the last stage, we add white and pink teardrop lines, dots and paint the lips and eyelids with a pearlescent Pearl Purple Magic. This shade has a beautiful shimmer, so it looks very impressive on the lips and eyes! If desired, you can add more glitter and rhinestones.


    I hope you enjoyed this look!
    I will be glad to see your designs!

    Products Used:

    Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Prime Paraffin White
    Fusion Body Art 1 Stroke Cake - Rich Orchid
    Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Prime Deep Purple
    Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Pearl Purple Magic
    Ooh! Sphere Stencil - Mandalau
    Loew Cornell Round No.4 Brush
    Loew Cornell Round No.1 Brush
    Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Pearl Fairy White
    Always Wicked Art Butterfly Sponge 
    Art Factory Studio Brush - Angle (5/8")
    Silly Farm Paint Pal Pretty Petal Brush (3/16")

    Calavera Face Paint Design


    My name is Natalia, I live and work in Russia, the city of Yaroslavl. I do face painting for 7 years. One of my favorite destinations - belly painting, (so great to see how kids who have recently been in the tummy are already beginning to walk, talk and learn to draw) in my collection of 40 drawings for pregnant women. I've won a lot of face painting contests and now I want to teach you how to create beautiful drawings on faces. The most beautiful thing when you show your child the finished picture to see his shining smile.

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