Pumpkin Scarecrow Monster Webinar by Matteo Arfanotti


In this Zoom webinar, learn Pumpkin Scarecrow Monster designs with Matteo Arfanotti.

Winner of the 2018 edition of the World Bodypainting Festival in the Team Show Award category together with the American multi-champion artist Nick Wolfe, Matteo Arfanotti had already risen to the highest podium of the World Bodypainting Festival in 2013, becoming World Champion in Bodypainting and Facepainting, thus winning two world titles at the same time, for the first time in the history of the event.

A versatile artist, curious and always fascinated by new forms of art and experimentation, Matteo Arfanotti has been able to combine passion for painting to architectural studies, he has managed to create his own search path in a constant tension between artistic inspiration and scientific rigor, which led him to an eclecticism that combines different disciplines and techniques in an always new and original synthesis.

Many of his artistic performances have been realized during events of bodypainting, tattoo and burlesque festivals, at art exhibitions, parties, shows and promotional events for important Italian and foreign companies.