Product Review: TAG Gold & Silver Pearl Face Paint


Being a face painter means being on a constant search for the best products for you. I hope to make your search a little bit easier by reviewing products that I find to be the best around! Today I will be reviewing TAG Pearl Gold and TAG Pearl Silver.

Smiley swatches

Smiley swatches

Both Tag Pearl Gold and Pearl Silver are very creamy and soft. Just a little bit of water goes a long way! If you are used to using other brands of paints, it may take you awhile to get used to the small amount of water that these paints require. If you use too much water, the paint will clump slightly. As long as you get the water ratio correct, the paints will be smooth and perfect for blending with other colors.

These are wax based paints, so the paint moves with the skin without cracking. Again, make sure to not create clumps from excess water use or else the clumps will dry and flake off. As long as you get the right consistency during application, these paints will last comfortably all day on the skin.

I have found that other metallics tend to be a bit transparent and streaky when applied, but these Tag metallics are quite the opposite. They are very opaque and the color is brilliant. However, they are not too glittery or shimmery, so they are perfect for boy designs like Iron Man (gold) or a robot (silver). Both colors have a truly “metal” look to them. They also look great when mixed with other colors. For example, gold mixed with a little bit of red creates a gorgeous warm autumn color with a metallic finish.

These are probably one of the best if not the best gold and silver paints to buy. I think the smooth application and opaqueness are what set these paints above the rest. I am a huge Mehron fan when it comes to most paints, but for your neutral metallics, Tag is definitely the way to go.

Design Ideas:

Gold: Iron Man, king crown, Wonder Woman, fancy cat/lion, stars
Silver: Viking hat, princess crown, Tin Man, robot