Pop Art Zombie Tutorial by Kellie Burrus

Pop Art Zombies are so much fun, and are very popular these days with makeup artists and face painters. I decided to give a Pop Art Zombie a try, creating this version!

Step by Step Pop Art Zombie Face Paint Design

Step 1

Using a Sponge or Kabuki brush, cover the entire face with FAB paint in Deep Ocean.


Step 2

Using a baby wipe, clean areas where you will be using a different color for the brains, slime etc. Using a sponge and number 6 round brush, add FAB Bubblegum to brains, gums, eye lids and other areas where the pink is needed. Extend the FAB Deep Ocean down the sides of the neck.


Step 3

Using a number 6 round brush, add FAB Poison to areas where there will be slime. Add more FAB Deep Ocean where the skin connects over the torn away exposing teeth.

Step 4

Using a number 6 round brush, use FAB Purple to add shading to pink, in the outer corners of the eyes, the crevices in the brains, underneath the eye, mouth areas and lips.

Step 5

Use Mehron Black to define the cheeks and create the hollow nose. Also Use the Black to shade areas further in the outer corners of the eyes, gums, brains etc. Use Wolfe White to add teeth and bones in the neck.

Step 6

Use Wolfe black to outline the entire face, including the cheeks, brains, slime, teeth and lips. Create more defined creases between the eyes and around eyes. Add black holes. Create black eyebrows. Highlight the lips, slime, brains and other areas as needed with Wolfe white.

Add lashes and colorful wig and you have a Pop Art Zombie!

Products and Tools Used for this Step by Step:

Mehron White
Mehron Black
Wolfe Black
Wolfe White
FAB Deep Ocean
FAB Bubblegum
FAB Purple
FAB Poison
Kabuki Brush
#4 Round Brush
#6 Round Brush 
Wicked Pink Sponge

Pop Art Zombie Face Paint Designs