Pink Peonies Face Paint Video Tutorial by Kellie Burrus

Flowers has always been a staple and a favorite in face painting. With hundreds of flower varieties, the design possibilities are endless! 

Today, let's watch Kellie Burrus paint a Pink Peonies design on Jamie Engeman. 


Do you have other kids of flowers that you would like us to do a tutorial on? Let us know on the comments below.  

Products Used in the Video :

PartyXplosion Black Aqua Face Paint - Black 
FAB Yellow Face Paint - Bright Yellow 044 (45 gm)
TAG 1 Stroke Split Cakes - Snake (1.06 oz/30 gm)
PartyXplosion Pink Aqua Face Paint - Pink Candy 43720 (30 gm)
PartyXplosion White Aqua Face Paint - White
Paradise Bold Round Brush (1/4")

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