One Stroke Flaming Skull Mask by Artist Ashlie Alvey

Add fiery flames for an extra fun flare with this quick and easy skull design.

Supplies suggested for this design are as follows:

Step 1: To begin, load a 3/4" flat brush with the white, gray, and a touch of black from TAG Magpie one stroke cake and paint the outer edge of the skull design. Begin with a mask shape followed by two strokes on either side of the nose leading down to the corners of the mouth. 

Step 2: With a sponge and TAG gray, fill in the nose and mouth area. Be sure to keep this design above the top lip. The less we paint onto the lips the fewer children we have lining up for touch-ups throughout each gig!

Step 3: With a lollipop swab and Starblend Black, lightly cover over the both of the eyes. This is an optional step if you're painting a very young child or in a big hurry.

Step 4: With Diamond FX White and a small filbert brush like the Silly Farm Little Drop, paint in the teeth along the top of the bottom lip. If you have a giant line, skip this step and instead opt for quick black "flicks" up from the bottom of the design.

Step 5:Add flames to the top of the skull with Global Fun Stroke Mexico and a 3/4" flat brush. To keep it simple I just made a series of U shapes and was sure to end them in points. 

Step 6:Outline with a number 3 round and Diamond FX black. Leave the outlines of the flames off if you're in a rush. I tend to go for bold outlines when doing boy designs so opted to include them for this tutorial. 

Step 7:With a number 3 round brush and a gentle touch, add some highlights along the brow area and edges of the skull design for an extra POP of color contrast. If you are heavy handed, use a number 2 instead. 

And there you have it. One bad-to-the-bone flaming skull design, perfect to please the crowd at a busy job. 

Ashlie Alvey is the owner and artist of Chubby Cheeks Body Art in coastal Savannah, Georgia. You can find her artwork featured in such publications as SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, and Wet Paint Magazine. Ashlie is most passionate about creating happy memories for her clientele in the form of birthday party entertainment and one-of-a-kind maternity art. You can follow her on Instagram at and view her Facebook business page at