One Stroke Christmas Tree

one stoke xmass tree

A fast way to get a great looking Christmas tree is using the one stroke! I also choose purple as some folks like to make their trees a little different.


1″ Flat Brush
Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush

Colors used in this picture:

Diamond Split Cake - Nightfall (Green & Purple)
White Face Paint
Light Green Face Paint
Yellow Face Paint


1. Using the flat brush and the one stoke cake, Start at one side and drag the brush across, then swoop the brush around and up.


2. Continue to do this with each time, the stoke gets shorter and shorter till it reaches the top. Turn the brush and flip up on it’s side and to a point to make the top of the tree.


3. Using the small round brush, add light green circles for the bulbs in the tree.  Using white add some ribbon swirls around the tree, highlighting each tier.


4. Add a yellow start to the top of the tree, then outline in white. Add white dots going in a wave pattern across each tier of the tree.  That’s it! You got a nicely decorated Christmas Tree.

one stoke xmass tree

Happy Holidays!