Neon Split Cake Video Review for Diamond, Tag, Kryvaline

Who likes split cakes? Well, I think all of us would agree that everyone likes split cakes! Split cakes are very easy to use, looks great, and versatile! You can use split cakes in lots of designs! 

Today, we would like to show you our favorite neon split cakes from Diamond FX, TAG, and Kryvaline! See how they differ and which split cake will suit your style and preference! 

So which one do you like the best? Diamond FX, TAG, or Kryvaline? Leave a comment below and let us know which one is your favorite!

Here are the products used in the video :

Products :
Diamond FX Split Cakes - Small Neon Nights 7 (1.06 oz/30 gm) :
TAG 1 Stroke Split Cakes - Rainbow Neon (1.06 oz/30 gm) :
Kryvaline Single Stroke Split Cakes - Rainbow Neon (1.06 oz/30 gm) :
We hope that you enjoyed our video and found it helpful! Let us know in the comments below what video you would like to see next! 
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